A Case for Amillennialism has ratings and 71 reviews. Brent said: An excellent and timely book, as the second edition/printing was just released last. What does the Bible actually tell us about the end times, and how has the church traditionally understood it? In a clear and accessible manner. Products; A Case for Amillennialism, Expanded Edition: Understanding the End Times. A Case for Amillennialism, Expanded Edition: Understanding the End.

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This seems to me profoundly backwards. The True Temple” MP3. Riddlebarger does an exception job of not only explaining why other eschatological views are often incoherent with scripture, but also does a great job of explaining why amillennialism is a much clearer lens to view scripture through.

Except for a few minor details, I agree tijes Riddlebarger’s conclusions and recommend this book to anyone who is seeking to understand the amillennial position. He then discusses key passages of Scripture that bear upon the millennial age, including Daniel 9, Matthew 24, Romans 11, and Revelation I considered myself Amill before reading this book, but now I find myself to dnd very convinced. Nov 06, Eric Chappell rated it liked it.

Riddlebarger along with other amil theologians seem pained to place the millennial reign of Christ in the intermediate state rather than here on earth. Recognizing that the study of future things is a complicated and controversial subject, Riddlebarger provides definitions of key terms and a helpful overview of various viewpoints.

A Case for Amillennialism

This work by Dr. But if anything is consistent with postmillennialism, it is human history over the last years. While I am sure amillenialism has some holes in its own eschatolog I have never really had an understanding of other eschatological beliefs other than premillenialism so I decided to challenge my own beliefs and picked this up.

A succinct and helpful introduction to what Riddlebarger argues is the ‘Historic Reformed Protestant’ understanding of the millennial reign of Christ in Revelation 20 Amillennialism. Johnston, and Darrell L. Sermons on the Book of Jude. He admits that the most natural interpretation of the “first resurrection” is the new birth; tijes, he still tries to make this mesh with an amillennial reign that is restrict Riddlebarger’s strongest argument for amillennialism is redemptive-historical.


This is a solid work with Although I mostly listened to the book, and selectively read some portions, I kinda knew what I would be getting. This is an excellent book for the way it handles dispensationalism and premillennialism. I am really glad that I did. This work amillenhialism ammillenialism has brought amillenniallsm around to something of a middle position. Sep 18, J.

A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times

Riddlebarger makes a clear, compelling, and cogent case for the amillennial position utilizing sound exegesis. Riddlebarger put into words some of the things that always confused me with premillenialism. Daniel’s prophecy, the Olivet discourse, Romans 11 and Rev Third, he picks the key passages that speak into the issue: I believe he also ignores and must spiritualize Jesus’ extremely clear words, “I assure you: This inaccurate name for the doctrine is the main reason why I and probably most other Christians have dismissed it.

As much as I appreciate the effort, it makes no sense to be optimistic about God’s kingdom and simultaneously believe the kingdoms of this world will surround and beat it back. Understanding the End Times To order from Amazon. After growing up under dispensational teachings but finding them problematic as an adult, I dabbled in preterism for a bit.

This is not a book where the author presents his “proof texts” and challenges the other sides “proof texts”. Around the time I was starting my career, I was introduced to amillennialism, and embraced it, as it seemed to fit the scripture better than the DTS system.

Sermons on Galatians pdf.

A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times – DTS Voice

However, I was very disappointed that he rarely dealt with Postmillennialism or Partial-Preterism. For amillennialists, therefore, the entire Book of Revelation describes the present church age rather than future events following the rapture of the church. He is cohost of the popular White Horse Inn weekly radio program sponsored by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Kim Riddlebarger makes a really good case for Amillennialism while not mis-characterising other positions, so it’s nice to read a work that doesn’t construct straw men.


Instead, he has called us to persevere to the end during the calamity of nations, the groaning of the earth, the rise of false teachers, and in the face of persecution. Riddlebarger’s assertion that the verses about the covenant are referring to Christ and not the anti-Christ have given me a lot of food for thought. Sermons on the Book of Job pdf. He also does a good job of summarizing opposing views and what their hypothetical rebuttals would be.

I believe that he ignores the immediate context, as well as the per I rated this book three stars because it has some good content in it regarding hermeneutics and covenant theology.

A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times by Kim Riddlebarger

That said, I think Riddlebarger has done a great service to Amillennialism in this book. I wish he could have nuanced the diversity of premillennial views such as the emerging progressive dispensational view more often, but the book would have been far too long for the average reader. His arguments are very, very good and very amillennialis. He has a Ph. For free resources on this subject visit his blog, The Riddleblog, where he has a plethora of free charts, manuscripts and audio.

The same point is also made on pages 11, 19, 82, 87, in spite of the fact that Revelation But an immediate earthly reign of the Messiah also “seemed” to be the best structural interpretation of Old Testament prophecy, and we know that to be false in retrospect.

Kim Riddlebarger – Christianbook. He does a great job of demonstrating that it is hermeneutically flawed. How is martyrdom consistent with kingdom growth?

Sermons on the Book of Hebrews. Apr 20, Casey rated it really liked it. I found this argument to be convincing despite his unconvincing exegesis of Revelation