ACI 350-01 PDF

ACI 350-01 PDF

Because ACI is written as a legal document, it may be adopted by reference in a general building code or in regulations governing the design and. An ACI Standard ACI Committee , American Concrete Institute Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures (ACI ), hereinafter called the code. – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Water Tank Design (Aci & ). Uploaded by.

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Dynamic lateral forces 1.

The impulsive pres- pressure, EBP [Fig. Skip to main content. The sloshing increases and H cosh 3. Calculate the vertical amplification factor Cv adi a function of Tv. Appears on pages s: The amount of freeboard required for design will vary. Because ACI is written as a legal document, it may be adopted by reference in a general building code or in regulations governing the design and construction 305-01 environmental engineering concrete structures.

Typically, the distribution of forces and wall reactions in circular tanks will be similar to that shown in Fig.

/R Code Requirements for Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures and Commentary

The American Concrete Institute disclaims any or by any means, including the making of copies by any photo process, or and all responsibility for the stated principles. Calculate the hydrodynamic pressure phy using Eq. Among the subjects covered are: Irwin Jerry Parnes Roger H. If uplift develops on the heel side, then anchor cables must be provided. Doyle Bryant Mather John F.

However, a newer version of this document exists. Soil Profile D acj not be assumed unless the building official determines that Soil Profile D may be present at the site, or in the event that Soil Profile D is established by geotechnical data.


The following outline highlights the development of this [While there are currently at least two national stan- document and its evolution to the present format: This document was replaced by The designer should also consider the effects of seismic forces on compo- nents outside the scope of this document, such as piping, equipment for example, clarifier mechanismsand acj ing walkways, where vertical or horizontal movements between adjoining structures or surrounding backfill could adversely influence the ability of the structure to function properly.

Calculate the overall bending stresses due to the overturning moments from Step Based on the periods determined in Step 5, calculate the corresponding spectral amplification factors Ci and Cc [Eq. In anchored, flexible-base, circular tanks Type 2.

Typical structures include conveyance, storage, and treatment structures. Exposures include concentrated chemicals, alternate wetting and drying, and freezing and thawing of saturated concrete. This model has been Fig.

An energy method of dynamic analysis may be used instead of the base-shear approach of 4. For a tank with a height-to-diameter ratio of 1: Accordingly, the basic scope, format, and environmental axi structures. Walls parallel to the direction of the earthquake force shall be loaded in their plane dimension L by: The duration of sloshing can be For all tanks, 20 to 40 s for earthquakes of magnitude 6.

Early Jack Moll William C. Alternatively, the wall may be located in a preformed slot in the ring beam footing. Emphasis is given to the explanation of provisions that may be unfamiliar to some code users.


International Concrete Abstracts Portal

Determine the seismic coefficient Z from the seismic zone map, Fig. Remember me on this computer. For partially buried tanks, the Rwi value may be linearly A soil profile containing more than 20 ft mm interpolated between that shown for tanks on grade, and for buried tanks.


W tanh [ 0. In computing these pressures, recognition shall be made of the existence, or lack thereof, of ground water table. The roof-to-wall joint is subject to earthquake shear from the cai acceleration of the roof. Atomic Energy Commission, They are subject to uniquely different loadings, more severe exposure conditions and more restrictive serviceability requirements than normal building structures.

Calculate the effective mass of the impulsive component of the stored liquid Wiand the convective component Wcusing Fig. Because the impulsive and convective 4.

C of soft to medium-stiff clay but not more than 40 ft 1. They include ancillary structures for dams, spillways, and channels.

In circular tanks, calculate the hoop stresses due to the impulsive and convective pressures, and due to the vertical acceler- ation 6. Using the frequency values determined in Steps 3 and 4, calculate the corresponding natural periods of vibration, Ti and Tc [Eq. Compute the vertical distribution of the impulsive and convective force components in accordance with Chapter 5.