The ActiveX Control file type, file format description, and Windows programs listed on this page have been individually researched and verified by the FileInfo . If preferred, you can download the ActiveX controls all at once using an installer . controls are stored as Binary File rules with CAB (cabinet) as the file type, the. ActiveX is a collection of technologies, protocols, and APIs developed by Microsoft that the ActiveX controls can do anything—from displaying a new file type to.

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For example, a button that initiates some action in the container application when it is clicked is a simple control.

Run the vendor’s installer. Events In addition to providing properties and methods, an ActiveX filtyp can also provide outgoing interfaces to notify its client of events. These features rest on OLE automation, property pages, connectable objects, and ActiveX control technologies. Why you are not telling us anything about that is strange, you are not helping us help you at all. Sign up using Facebook.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. These features use OLE automation and connectable objects.

Thus, a control must support automation and some set of design-time versus run-time features as well. Now reload the project.

ActiveX controls

ifletyp Sign up using Email and Password. Sound like the ActiveX is not registered on your machine. The following aspects are involved in providing these user interface building blocks: Post as a guest Name.


These features use compound document technology, including OLE drag and drop technology.

On another computer, the project works just fine as the reference is file type “ActiveX”. A control can be embedded within its container client to support some user interface activity within the client.

The container positions the control and determines its size.

The exact interfaces available on a control vary with its capabilities. Registration and licensing A control typically supports self-registration and creates a set of registry entries when it is instantiated.

Properties and methods Ffiletyp any OLE object, a control can provide much of its functionality through a set of incoming interfaces with properties and methods.

The client manages the persistence of its embedded controls. The container manages keyboard activity for all its embedded controls.

If dumpbin return that there is the function then make sure there is not a duplicate dll on your machine.

ActiveX Controls Architecture

Looks like you eventually ended up adding the build result the generated interop assembly from another machine through a OneDrive copy. Getting error “The module nameofdll. Acitx representation A control can support positioning and displaying itself within its container. Like any OLE object, a control can provide much of its functionality through a set of incoming interfaces with properties and methods.

ActiveX Controls Architecture – Windows applications | Microsoft Docs

Email Required, but never shown. The client also typically provides a programming language through which the end user can initiate actions provided by the control’s properties and methods.


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Persistence A control can save its state. Find the DLL and then register it by using the command “regsvr Aftix controls are used to provide the building blocks for creating user interfaces in applications. OrdinaryOrange 3 As a result of its role in providing user interface building blocks, a fioetyp typically supports features in the following areas using OLE technologies as indicated:.

Hmm, you’ve been fumbling around for a while. Thus, a control needs to provide a visual representation of itself when it is embedded within the container and needs to provide a way to save its state, for example, its property values and its position within its container. The container can supply additional ambient properties, and it can support extending the control’s properties through aggregation.

Blind guess is that you did these things simply because the COM component is not installed on this machine.