At least some UFOs appear to be intelligently controlled physical craft of some kind from some place that isn’t here. A.D. After Disclosure is all about what might . One of the most original works ever to appear in ufology, A.D. After Disclosure is the first work of non-fiction to examine not only whether or not UFO secrecy can. Written by Bryce Zabel, Richard M. Dolan, Audiobook narrated by Kevin Foley. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible ?.

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As a well respected Hollywood producer, it is his job to stay ahead of the cultural “meme” and project into the future.

I’d say don’t waste your time on this one. The entertainment culture is all about observation and speculation, and in true sci-fi fashion, Bryce Zabel has produced his speculation regarding this phenomenon in the form of Hollywood scripts. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Thought-provoking Extremely encompassing treatment of the subject matter.

In my opinion, Disclosure is inevitable. Arguments could be made that this makes the Democrats seem a little crazier and the Republicans a little less accepting Books by Richard M.

A.D. After Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact

Here, we provide in-depth analyses of the effects a.s.after Disclosure on some of our major institutions: The result of their collaboration is a book that not only provides deep analysis of impossibly difficult questions, but is a riveting read.

Really, it was like a collection of essays, that lost my attention earlier in the book than I would have liked. Well thought out hypothesis on how acknowledgement of aliens will go down. It is the secret agenda of this highly classified organization disclpsure figure out what the so-called Grays are really up to.


rdpress | AD After Disclosure

After that we are treated to a handful of chapters explaining why aliens must exist. Whether disclosure leads to social panic or ushers in a new era of unity and peace, it will dissclosure be a game-changing event.

disclsoure Jul 04, KMO rated it liked it. Also I found in the last 30 pages or so, the book suddenly started to take a political slant.

I have always found refreshing his open-mindedness and devotion to unbiased, accurate observation. It is well written and am interesting read.

Read this book and discuss it with your friends and colleagues. Above all, believe in humankind, in our ability to face unexpected challenges, in the strength and wisdom that reside within us, much more than we realize, waiting for the moment to manifest.

I believe a.d.ater After Disclosure would be the perfect buy for any intellectual who wanted to go deeper into the subject of UFO’s without having to deal with the new age fluff a.dd.after is usually associated with the topic. Great conjecture Rich and detailed with incredible research. We also discuss the likely capabilities they possess, as well as the military capabilities that may exist within our own clandestine world.

A.D. After Disclosure (Audiobook) by Bryce Zabel, Richard M. Dolan |

Thought provoking, highly imaginative, yet incredibly real. Learn more about Amazon Prime. The witnesses are legion, scattered across the world and dotted through history, people who looked up and saw something impossible lighting up the night sky.

No, it was not. Our most effective tool to stay sane will be the family. The majority of the book is mere speculation of the authors on what the implications will be though to their defense, some of these speculations are not only logical but seem well grounded in the research they have conducted.

This book needs to be read by parents. Then there would be a massive clump of folks in the middle, uneasy at the thought of humanity no longer being a.d.affer the top of the pyramid and never being able to look at the night sky quite the same way again.


The day will come when humanity dizclosure its history and a.d.zfter it between everything before the truth was spoken out loud and everything A.

Excellent work Any additional comments? How do we cope with the reality that we are not alone? Mantell was a pilot inwho while in pursuit of a supposed UFO, crashed his jet and died. How else to explain the astounding level of insight and staggering detail this book offers on what is supposedly a hypothetical situation? That scares me more than the Others. This work offers a place to stand where others may take up the challenge and travel to places none of us could conceive.

All you have to do is look for it. They should but are not, as far as I can see become part of the general knowledge base of every American citizen, for reasons of national security, erosion of constitutional law and the general fraudulent policies of certain members of our out of control government and the all encompassing global corporate oligarchy.

NASA will surely have to answer for a lot, especially if what individuals like Donna Hare, who was a former Disclosure Project witness, says is true. Anyone interested in UFOs should read this book. Read this, Recommend this to your library, book club We followed the facts where they led.