AEROSIL® R is a fumed silica aftertreated with HMDS based on AEROSIL® Applications and Properties. Physico-chemical Data. IL. L. LLL. LLLLLL. AEROSIL® R is a fumed silica aftertreated with organosilane (HMDS) with high specific surface and marked hydrophobia. — The Cary Company, Since. AEROSIL® R S fumed silica after treated with HMDS based on AEROSIL® It is used in paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants, and silicone.

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The process as claimed in claim 13, wherein the second part of the solvent comprises water. The resulting combination was vigorously mixed to produce a diluted hydrophobic premix wherein mixing was achieved under conditions of standard temperature and pressure.

Advantageously polar organic solvent may be used to improve the compatibility of silicone with water. Other efforts have been aerodil for making hydrophobic surfaces. In a third aspect, the present invention is directed to a method for making a superhydrophobic coating with the composition described r8122 the first aspect of this invention, the aerlsil comprising the steps of applying the composition to a surface and allowing the composition to dry. The present invention is directed to a composition suitable to yield a superhydrophobic coating and a method for making the same.

For the avoidance of doubt, the word “comprising” is intended to mean “including” but not necessarily “consisting of or “composed of. If the microclusters are too large, however, the structure created in the coating will scatter large amounts of visible light and be opaque. The microcluster has a diameter of at least 1 nm and preferably at least 10 nm, more preferably at least 50 nm, more preferably still at least nm and most preferably at least nm.

You may choose a language below to continue to this industry or close this dialog above. Particle size was measured in the dispersions whilst transmittance and contact angle were determined on the dried films. The premix was added aerosi, one 1 kilogram of commercially available non-aqueous overprint varnish, GOP, made available by Dainippan Ink and Chemicals, Inc.


Apart from the silica-based particles and silicone, the composition additionally comprises solvent. In the composition of the invention, the particles are present as microclusters.

However, UL assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of r8812 information contained on this website and strongly encourages that upon final product or material selection information is validated with the manufacturer. Viscosity of fluids such as silicone oils can be determined, for example, by the relevant international standard, such as ISO Patents 7, and 7,, anti-icing coatings and reversibly adaptive rough micro- and nanostructures, respectively, are described.

Moreover, such coatings, subsequent to being applied, yield surfaces that make cleaning easier and faster for the consumer. Transmittance Values of transmittance quoted herein are determined at a wavelength of nm and are measured as follows: Such an angle maybe measured with a goniometer or other water droplet aeroail analysis systems.

Hydrophobic fumed silica – AEROSIL® fumed silica

Thus it is preferred that the solvent has a refractive index n a in the range 1. Especially preferred are silicas comprising the group represented by r81 Iformula III or a combination thereof.

Are you a distributor who is interested in being listed here? These compositions and the contact angle CA and sliding angle SA of the films remaining after drying the compositions on a surface are shown in Table 1. These surfaces, for example, may be made of glass, glazed ceramics, e812, stone, plastics, lacquer, wood, or combination thereof.

AEROSIL® R 812 S Hydrophobic Fumed Silica

The Evonik Coating Additives Business Line from Evonik offers its customers with optimal solutions in the paints, coatings and printing ink sectors and supports them with the production of resource-efficient coatings.

Still other efforts have been disclosed for making hydrophobic surfaces. Efforts have been disclosed for preparing hydrophobic surfaces. The coating of this invention is prepared by combining at least aggregates or microclusters of silica-based particle, silicone and solvent to produce a composition that cures to yield the desired coating.


Evonik Industries – Specialty Chemicals – Productfinder

Company The Evonik Coating Additives Business Line from Evonik offers its customers with optimal solutions in the paints, coatings and printing ink sectors and supports them with the production of resource-efficient coatings. The highest contact angle of film prepared without silica-based particles samples 1 to 4 was about degrees.

Shortages of water can create serious social problems, such as health issues, that are a direct result of inadequate cleaning applications in the absence of sufficient amounts of water.

The Business Line offers a diverse product portfolio for the coatings industry, like additives, co-binders, matting agents, fumed silica, specialty resins or nanoresins. The composition of this invention may be useful for preparing long-lasting or even permanent coating. In fact, the cleaning of surfaces that attempt to mimic the surface of a lotus leaf has been investigated.

Aerosil R 812 S

For example the composition may comprise an overprint varnish or may be a premix suitable for combining with an overprint varnish. Diameter is meant to mean aerosi, largest measurable distance on a particle or aggregate in the event a well-defined sphere aerosill not generated. The disclosure of the invention as found herein is to be considered to cover all embodiments as found in the claims as being multiply dependent upon each other irrespective of the fact that claims may be found without multiple dependency or redundancy.

Such structures can be used for coatings that possess superhydrophobic properties.