/r/projectceleste – Age of Empires Online my complete Deathmatch grades, I thought that I might as well make a complete tech tree document. Age of Empires II currently offers 31 unique civilization to play as. an accurate representation of the in-game tech tree, because while we are. Made by hszemi, with huge thanks to Jineapple, TriRem, and pip. Descriptions taken from the Max-Extended-Help-WK mod. Item Metadata (cost, HP etc.).

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Sometimes, players wish to access the technology tree for one or more civilizations without having the game open, to see which units, buildings or technologies are available to a civilization. The slowest created unit in the game is the Bombard Cannon, with 56s creation time even with Conscription; the fastest unit that can be created is the Gothic Condotierro with Conscription and Perfusion researchedwith a lightning speed of 2.

Same goes teechtree Archery Ranges and Stables. Their Samurais are even more devastating with a rate of fire of 1. Fixed in AoF – Keep Upgrade: A fully upgraded Japanese Halberdier slay a fully ejpires Byzantine Paladin. You need to sign in or empirs an account to do that. Values extracted using Advanced Genie Editor 3 and in-game confirmation: Unique infantry except Condotierro, Kamayuks, and Eagles themselves also get similar bonuses against Eagles Share directly to my status.

The main damage attack done by the units.

Actually this technology is calculated using an “creation time” thing. So variable at the moment: Xu-B Nov 28, 5: It can be generalized, as we’re all bad mathematicians, let’s short that tecutree Not anymore in AoF.

The Age of Empires II Technology Trees In Your Web Browser

Age of Empires II currently offers 31 unique civilization to play as. Though, remember than Goth Champs are still the best cost-effectively in the game: Surprisingly enough, it concerns all the gunpowder units except the Elite Janissary: Unfortunately this version is currently without the civilization bonuses that are usually displayed below the civilization selection box, as we could also not be bothered to manually type them all.


This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Due to the common pool, all technology trees look similar, albeit not identical. So that “exceptionally quick infantry” is slower than Elite Eagle Warriors contrary to popular beliefs. Note that Deers and Boars are gathered faster than Sheeps: Of course full health villagers will be boosted from 25 to 40 HP. They only excel at taking out buildings and villies.

They can’t perform efficiently if you don’t mass them enough. Works fine in AoF – AoF: On top of that, when Thumb Ring is researched their Mangudai fire even faster than their Cavalry Archers, making them one of the best raiding units of Empirse 2. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Note that it only concerns the first arrow of the shot, pf even without Heated Shot, all buildings which fire arrows get extra damage against “Ships”; Bombard Towers even get a 40 bonus vs “Ships”.

Yamato – Age of Empires

Toggle tectree AoC Stats. HD Edition Store Page. T type V version W wood F food G gold S stone BT build time – time required to build the unit in game seconds RT reload time – the game time in seconds between the end and start of the next attack.

Not only a scouting purposes tech!! BigChavix Dec 3, 7: Setting this value to 0. Though it’s useless as Bombard Towers don’t do splash damage anyway. A bland online version of the Age of Empires II technology tree.


They are also the only bolt-firing unit in the Cavalry Archer class. If you have to heavily wall your map for some good reasonNEVER, EVER bunch up stone walls stick togetherbut separate each line of walls from one tile each to make the next wall untouched from Ram splash trchtree that start straight from Capped Ram, else it’s like paying your walls for double ; a huge mistake I see even good players sometimes do. Infantry except Spear-line, Scout and Light Cav at 2.

The Rabid Ninja Bunny Jan 5 1: If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. I hope this guide has been helpful to you Some geospatial tecjtree on this website is provided by geonames. It’s not mentioned, but if you attack a military unit in front of a building with an upgraded ram, the building will also receive splash damage from the attack.

Camels, Ships and Petards. Statistical data for all units, buildings and civilizations for Age of Empires 2. Also thanks to Philippe le Bon for this detailed guide. Next we notice that some civilizations have unique units, which move parts of the tree around when they are inserted.

So let’s get started! If yes, it can be a good add to this nice article.

It is highly unrecommanded to stay close to building fire with Camels, Ships and Saboteurs: They also don’t get any bonuses against Eagles, which is unusual for a non-trash infantry unit.