Pondering over whether to get a rack sampler and I can’t make my mind up at the moment. There’s a certain aesthetic I like about 90’s and early. Hi, I’ve recently bought a sxl sampler mainly for use with drum samples. I want to use it as a drum machine so that when certain notes are. brought the S samplers from Akai with more welcome features like a resonant filter, onboard effects, more memory, and 32 voices. The SXL.

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Akai S3000xl

I use it mainly for resampling drums. But, with the caveat that said software is still a work in progress. The S pictured above differs from the S by coming with the added Digital filter expansion board and a magneto-optical storage drive option.

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Akai Sxl | Flite Media

You must log in or sign up to reply here. I wouldn’t pay too much for one, partly because the screen is shit and it’s often fucked these days. Since it is old and before wkai buyout, Akai doesn’t. Iomega Zip drives were very commonly used for storage and backup.

Akai Professional S MIDI Stereo Digital Sampler – Akai – Encyclotronic

Pretty much instajungle if you load in an amen, an and a ‘badboy’ sample. The Akai SXL [3] is a bit professional stereo digital sampler. That sound used to feel like the zip drive was taunting me sometimes.


Akai S3000xxl internal HD Yes, my password is: Not lo fi or anything but not same in same out or thin like a mpc You need to be a member in order to leave a review. And a perpetual fear that me or someone using the studio would go through the wrong power sequence and blow something up.

Log in or Sign up. It’s amazing how far it’s come though. Date Produced – After putting in the hours and figuring out the menus etc. Keep an eye out for the 3K classic or a S classic. View the discussion thread. Akai Sampler Mailing List. Sign In Sign Up.

I was going to nab it myself s3000xl decided a new screen for my classic is best for me. Do you already have an account?

Retrieved from ” https: Does anyone have one in. Features graphic waveform editing.

It was once my dream to own one of these machines. The ability to read CD ROMs made for other manufacturer’s samplers gives access to an even further range of sounds.

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Any character in the Akai S3000xl ?

Samplers musical instrument Akai synthesizers Japanese brands. Can ajai sell it on if it doesn’t work out for you. I’ve got a CD, it’s basically a with a cd drive I think. I previously had a Roland W30 which was my main sampler for some time and a fantastic bit of kit but I always wanted the S as it was full bandwidth, stereo, and it had the commonly used and great sounding Akai time-stretch.

Akaizer So, is there anything my ancient Akai s30000xl useful for in the modern world? Some other models in the series include various options such as built in CD drives SCD or internal hard disks Si, pictured top. Just depends if you can be bothered putting in the time to learn how it works.


s300xl Plus the routing means with software you can have almost unlimited outputs setup without using half my mixing desk to do it. The interface consists of 32 buttons, eight of which are function keys, three knobs, and a four-key directional pad for navigating the x64 display, located in the s3000xll portion of the sampler.

SampleVerb in North America 4-channel, studio-quality, multi-effects board. However, the LCD screen ‘s backlight fades easily and the built-in memory capacity is not so wide.

ChinPunchMar 3, Breaks sampled in at 10khz. I have both the classic and XL. This is fully expanded XL so all boards installed http: Archived from the original on 6 April The most radical feature about these great samplers is that they are very synth-like. Pondering over whether to get a rack sampler and I can’t make my mind up at the moment. MVibe if you like using hardware and it integrates into an existing setup, I’d say go for it.

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