Youssef fellouh says: February 13, at pm publier les nouvelles de al maktaba al shamela que Dieu vous gardes Naman says. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Maktaba Shamila searchable more than books.

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You can access it here: The link is http: I mean the app is not good, and many would not even be able to open the BOK file. If you have other phones you can use this: If you have problems with searching see this link: If you want to see the Arabic properly follow the steps in the comment sahmela. Please follow the steps in the post above to download and install the library.

I download from islamport, version 2. Maybe you can ask for help about it from the shamela. If you are trying to upload the Maktaba Shamila then there is no need to do this shaamela you can already download it from many online servers.

Mateen Yousuf Barakallah feek for sharing the website. First download the Maktabah from this link: Salam, I would like to know how to download maktaba shamila.

Maktaba Shamila : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

But for Android there are some software that can run the books of the Shamela. Abdul aakhir khan Sunan Abu Dawud is present in this library. Is Makthab Shamila yours? Then Click the Region Option 4.


The results would pretty much be the same. Also try re-starting the Shamela after adding the book. If you are not feeling safe about installing it, you can instead download the other version from the following page: Nashrudin Ahmad I am not aware of any version being available for Windows Phone.

Al Maktaba Shamela : : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

This is the download link for the Shamila: To learn more about this read this page: Salaamullahi alaikum, I want to download a book, anyone can help me. Deselect everything except for the rar files. It depends on the nature of the PDF file that you want to convert.

You can download the Maktabah Shamilah which contains over books: Hi, Your instructions show an installer file but there is only an EXE which runs the application and nothing to install it with.

Tafseer Ibn Katheer Next. Jazakallah for posting that link brother. For Wine, you may Google how to add support for Arabic fonts.

Well, at what stage does it show that? You can try searching for it in its app store.

In the case of the Shamilah this is obviously not the case. The application has good features, but sometimes it becomes irritating.


المكتبة الشاملة – Maktabah Shamilah

I need to view the menus of this software in English language. It depends on the type maotaba your mobile device. You can download the book in PDF format from this link: May Allah reward you too. I would have a hard time believing that the the Muslim scholars were worried about the content of their books being made available to as many people as possible.

Can i use it on my mobile please. In that case I would suggest that you try improving your Arabic more and more, since it is very important in learning the sciences of our Deen. The original developers have their website at: Also want to know how to delete kitabs. If you want to get a satisfying shhamela you may contact the Shamela team themselves at this link: So, how I can install Shamilah on it? I have already written a post about the Maktaba Shamila for mobile phones.

After putting the file there, then you open it. Mohammed Abdul RaufPakistan. Also look at this link: This maktab is the best. Where exactly is the problem?