DEQ – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 80 . ALESIS DEQD • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Get Alesis DEQD Reference Manual Stereo Equalizer DEQ, DEQD. Get all Alesis manuals!.

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Alesis DEQ230 Stereo Equalizer User Manual

Basics of Equalization Multi-band application and results So far we have only dealt with cutting or boosting single frequency bands. Important Safety Instructions Important Safety Instructions Important Safety Instructions English Safety symbols used in this product This symbol alerts the user that there are important operating and maintenance instructions in the literature accompanying this unit.

Try some equalizationPlay some signal into the unitWhile learning the unit, you should play a CD or a multitracksource into the equalizer. Sorry, manual briefs data are unavailable at this moment.

To use the DEQ as an effects insert device, you will need an insert cable not included. This is an extremely useful tool that has been a main stay of serious sound reinforcement engineers for decades. Applications 4 Comb filtering You’ll understand how this effect process got its name once you see the way it Page 33 Basics of Equalization3Basic operation: This is really a hear-breaking news for an audio enthusiast like.

Displays which bands can be boosted or cut Store Mode: You deq2300 use this method to connect two mono sources orone stereo source to the DEQ Troubleshooting6Refer All Servicing to AlesisWe believe that the DEQ is one of the best signal processorsthat can be made using current technology, and should provideyears of trouble-free use.


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Select program 00 on the DEQ You can use the Preset programs as starting points for yourown programs, but you cannot store your creations back on top ofa Preset program.

Since, we’ve been designing and building creative tools for theaudio community. That is what reinitializing the unit does.

Thanks to the digital heart of the DEQ, you can always get the program back exactly as it was. Switch set to — Introduction This page intentionally left blank alewis.

Program Charts 11kHz Sample Rate Next Door Neighbor Note for programs These three following programs are for DJ’s to squash the response of the music in order to create a temporary effect or to announce over. An equalizer boosts or cuts a frequency range. Page 65 Narrow Cut 4 2. Page 37 Basics of Equalization3upward until it reaches It is a versatile Except as noted, when this product, and Basics of Equalization3Multi-band application and resultsSo far we have only dealt with cutting or boosting single frequencybands.

This curve gives the signal a little more life when you want to get the listener’s attention. This is one place to start looking for that special fit.

No matter which program you call up, these settings willnot change. Is there a particular mode you’re looking for?

Apparently, its a unique feature found only on the DEQD. The following is best to try when theband and audience are not present: Page 58 4ApplicationsEliminating FeedbackDuring a live performance, you may experience feedback if amicrophone is placed too close to a monitor.


Take note of that frequency for further editing or just set the DEQ to the Narrow Cut program that matches the Boost program that emphasized the frequency range in question. Applications This section is designed to get you started with the DEQ by giving some sample settings.


Page 76 Troubleshooting This page intentionally left blank Downloading to your computer – You can also download the user manual Alesis DEQ to your computer and keep it in your files. I apologize, but I’m not quite understanding what exactly it is you’re looking for. Hi John, Many thanks for your kindly looking into the matter. In this example, three adjacent bands are used. Before you try this feature, make sure you’re happy with theprogram you had selected prior to turning maual unit off.

Reduce Master Level in Setup mode. Thissame combination of buttons will reset all of the Setupfunctions to their default values. While the unit is responding to equalizer settings and is showing the bars at different levels on different frequencies as shown in the imageit is not showing the spectrum display.