Only at Sweetwater! ✅ 0% Financing, ✅ FREE Shipping, and ✅ FREE Warranty for your Alesis HD24!. Find great deals on eBay for Alesis HD24 in Multitrack Recorders. Shop with confidence. The Alesis ADAT HD24 is a track hard disk recorder that operates almost exactly like a tape-based analog recorder. Media for this recorder (IDE hard drives).

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We’d be talking about global catastrophe if there was suddenly no way to play back WAV files. Subscribe for free here. Alesis HD24 GB drive, caddy, and foam lined plastic case. You can connect up to five HD24s, for a total of or 60 at 96k sample-accurate sync’ed tracks using 9-pin cables.

After power-up the HD24 takes about five seconds to mount the last drive you were using. Then hit the “name” button to name it, and use the up and down arrows for each letter.

In an era when excessive digital peak-limiting has become a standard, it’s a surprise that the Pendulum Audio PL-2 peak limiter is the only standalone, brickwall analog peak limiter in existence There are 24 track level meters. You can however, do sample- accurate copy paste style editing, and even scrub audio, albeit with your ears and not waveform drawings.

Alesis HD24 Recorder

In other words, I don’t think anybody will be winding tape heads after the world blows up to remix the multitrack masters of the generation that did this to us, even if they knew how. HD24 is built exclusively for the purpose of recording music instead of data, resulting in remarkable stability and performance. This is a drag, but alternatives probably alesls have made the unit more expensive.

Alesis HD24 80GB hard drive and caddy in excellent condition. If you want to use the other one, press its button.


You can also update via MIDI which was in the manual. I’ve heard that “analog tape is the only long term storage medium” because it is easier to make a tape deck from scratch than a device that will play back WAV files from scratch – tape technology is just plain simpler.

I used to track with Pro Tools – I will not do laesis again. Here is Arturia’s affordable and highly desirable analog synth, the MicroBrute.

The Chandler Germanium Compressor is yet another amazing piece from designer Wade Goeke, and “Chandler Germanium” continues to be synonymous with innovation. The media for the HD24 is so cheap and so available that I think it is the best way to archive multitrack audio. I first became acquainted with the Lexicon X digital reverb in Studio One at the Strongroom around about Also included is a power cable and an official Alesis sync cable.

I haven’t been able to try again. The manual has recommendations. Digital Audio Hard Disk Recorder. I have never tracked for this many hours without some computer-related issue cropping up. This was disconcerting at first, but then I tried the obvious: Alesis AI-2 missing power supply.

I was a little nervous about the “almost” part, but I think they were just covering themselves, as the drives I got worked. Alesis HD24 GB drive, in caddy, and with foam lined plastic case. It took about 10 seconds. If you transfer a track into a song that is shorter or longer than the track, the HD24 automatically makes adjustments, which may take a little time.

I have sold over of these and never had a caddy be incompatible with an HD I don’t think this is a practical notion anymore. You can even hook the HD24 directly up to the internet, and collaborators can log onto your machine a,esis with a password if you want – and transfer tracks. One of the hardest parts of writing these reviews is coming up with a good opening sentence. The front panel hd4 easy to read in the light – but if you are in a low-light situation, you’ll need a lamp.


If the noise floor of your room is an issue, the fan will not help.

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It’s alesiz to get caught up in excess hyperbole when geeking out over pro audio gear, especially when you Play Gear that inspires. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. I doubt you will be able to edit on your computer directly from this dock, but copying files will be even faster.

You can punch in with a remote or a foot switch. Qlesis only issue I found was the green play button light is out but the switch itself worked fine. It was the first time we had made that level of investment, and back then, Strongroom Global catastrophe will probably affect our values as people.

His company had received a lot of positive This is the trade-off for the inexpensive media. Red is really digital clipping, unlike the original ADATs.

Alesis HD24 24 track digital recorder rack in Excellent cond. This is a disadvantage if you like virtual akesis and nondestructive loop style recording so you can record 10, guitar solos and then comp each notebut in my opinion that stuff is best left to a DAW. Perfect companion for Yamaha PM5Dor any console with optical or analog output The transfer accessories Fireport is included as the optical cables for 48 tracks digital inputs Perfect working c As noted, the HD24 has two drive bays which makes media rotation for backup purposes very easy.