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We consider inherent robustness properties of model predictive control MPC for continuous-time nonlinear systems with input constraints and terminal constraints.

A framework for designing effective exercises is presented and allows to assess different exercises forimproving the person’s sitting behavior. We guarantee bounded variance of the closed-loop system under each policy via appending a stability constraint to the existing optimization routine of the corresponding policy.

The overall stability of the bilateral teleoperator system is proven in the presence of network-induced communication constraints for an arbitrary projection-based force reflection algorithm from a broad class. In this paper, we investigate the applicability of optimal control theory OCT to SC planning and scheduling based on the analysis of different streams in application of control theory to SCM and our own elaborations.

Control of systems where the information between the controller, actuator, and sensor can be lost or delayed can be challenging with respect to stability and performance. However, only a few of the proposed methods take the structural constraint of the measurement data transmission into account.

Finally, simulations are reported to show the effectiveness of the proposed solution. This paper deals with path planning and the associated control for a car-like vehicle in parallel parking problem.

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Control System Analysis Regular Session. The proposed filter is illustrated in a numerical example. A distributed model predictive control MPC approach based on Nash game theory is proposed to control multi-agent multi-rate systems in which multiple control agents each determine actions for their own parts of the system. A comparative study of 22 patients undergoing mechanical ventilation in both PS and NAVA modes was conducted, and it was concluded that for a given variability in Eadi, there is greater variability in tidal volume and correlation between the tidal volume and the diaphragmatic electrical activity with NAVA compared to PS.


Particularly, it is shown that the synchronization speed can be controlled by adjusting the update gain of the synchronization signal. Stochastic Receding Horizon Control: In this approach, the trajectory of crystals mean size is modeled as a Gompertz equation and the time evolution of the Particle Size Distribution PSD is modeled as a Fokker-Planck equation. Supply chain SC performance depends not only on the excellent planning and scheduling techniques but also on execution control.

This can be achieved by a good knowledge of road attributes and vehicle dynamic behaviors.

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This concept controller is designed and simulated on a generic 4. At the same time, alyebre of OCT requires domain-specific modifications to be consistent with discrete processes and decision-making in SCM.

The design is particularly focused on keeping the generator successfully in operation under unbalanced grid voltage conditions, as today’s msp codes require.

This paper presents a generic view of e-Maintenance and points out both the benefits as well as the hurdles there still exist on the road to support the complete life cycle of a product with e-Maintenance, while providing a critical assessment of the current state of affairs. The steering vehicle control and the observer developed here have been validated experimentally using the data acquired on the laboratory vehicle Peugeot developed by INRETS-MA.

The recent development and deployment of the synchronized phasor measurement units PMU is allowing the wide-area monitoring and control of large-scale power systems.

Whenever possible we discuss the connection with earlier and established results. Based on these parameters, which rely on a simple biomechnical model, a posture cost function was proposed for classification of the sitting posture. We e2, using concepts and analysis tools that borrow from Supervisory Control, that all closed-loop signals in a RMMAC system are bounded.

It was originally designed to use aerobraking as s,p back-up in case of main engine failure but this feature has never been activated. Specifically, if the nominal closed loop system without delay compensation is ISS with respect to perturbation and measurement errors, then the closed loop system employing prediction based delay compensation techniques is robustly stable.

The paper studies the unmeasurable disturbance decoupling problem via the dynamic output feedback for discrete-time nonlinear control systems. This decision problem is formulated as a bargaining game. It is a problem how to design systems that work effectively in the modern environment, where computing is pervasive, people interact with technology existing in a variety of networks, and under a range of policies and constraints imposed by the institutions and social algebe that we live in.


It has been shown that the damping performance can be improved by using the synchronized PMU data transmitted in real-time via communication network.

UMONS, membres du staff: Publications of Manneback Pierre

The delay will affect the stability, performance and reliability of the process. The main strategy for parallel parking comes from retrieving a vehicle from the parking slot. As the world changes, our software ideally should evolve to reflect the change.

We claim d2 the methods for designing adaptive multi-agent systems should be borrowed from social sciences rather than from exact sciences. Hospital, LausanneSw. These mathematical models are applied to predict the physical and chemical phenomena that take place during postharvest handling of horticultural products.

Plant factory is x2 crop production system which is isolated from outside environment.

This paper deals with adaptive regulation of a discrete-time linear time-invariant plant with arbitrary bounded disturbances whose control input is constrained to lie within certain limits. Two approaches can be used to solve this problem; The first one consists in designing an observer which requires solving at each time an algebraic equation combined with an ODE system implicit observer.

The advantages and limitations of tube-based model predictive control for dealing with uncertainty of various forms are discussed, firstly in the context of constrained linear systems, and an extension to deal with robustness against unstructured uncertainty is briefly described. Furthermore, the integration of more communication technologies into the power system is giving an additional degree of freedom to the control design that may improve the performance of the overall system.

The paper presents a study of the voltage and frequency stability in micro-grids powered by CHP micro-units. Existing analyses that do allow for fast ES are fairly restrictive, considering only local behaviour on Wiener–Hammerstein plants where the nonlinear element is quadratic.

The second concerns a robust LPV state output feedback control designed via LMI optimization and gain-scheduling method. After harvest, fruit and vegetables produced in plant factories need to be stored under refrigerated conditions.