Re-release of the same title, if you have the previous version please keep your money. Tam’s genius IQ has let him have his way in most. Amber Kell Books | Amazon | B&N Tam’s genius IQ has let him have his way in most everything in life. His luck comes to a halt when his father’s job moves them . Read Trials of Tam by Amber Kell by Amber Kell by Amber Kell for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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I can see myself reading this over whenever I need a lift, just for the over the top comedy.

Trials of Tam

Valko had the unpleasant feeling Tam could wrap him around his little finger without even trying. Evan, one of his pack betas, stood on the doorstep his blond hair rumpled and his brown eyes dark with concern. Everything he’d ever wanted resided in the man he held in his arms.

He would be furious if his father tried to talk to Tam’s potential mate without Tam being there. Tad was a very passive aggressive alpha for his family and they supported and flaunted it for their own benefit.


The vampire settled back into his chair behind the enormous desk before throwing out extra enticements.

Ganging up on Love. With a wonderfully different slant to the mating aspect, it surprised and delighted me to see Valko, a true Alpha, really having to fight for his mate. It’s best to trialx your fate and concentrate on making the rest of his life a living hell.

Neverson sneered at the smaller man. Valko released Tam before growling. Trials of Tam Series: So you don’t want kids?

He realized now why the Larsons weren’t concerned about their brother. He turned all wolfy and threatened to tear out my fangs if I tried to bite you.

Unwanted attraction ripped through him and he hadn’t even seen the bastard yet. The Larson Legacy 2 books. I was just waiting for you to realize and admit it. Right before the doors opened Tam turned to face the other wolves.

Honestly, I get it. Tam gave his brothers a grateful smile.

Trials of Tam – Amber Kell’s Blog

I’m definitely looking forward for new books in this series. There was no doubt in Tam’s mind they were going to be mates. It was hilarious and so very tongue in cheek, the author had me laughing most of the way through this book.


Kell has an IQ that is off the charts. He just seemed to be looking down at the world in general. The more Tam thought over his problems with the school, the more he decided the issue wasn’t his shifter 74 The Trials of Tam Amber Kell genes, but that he’d be graduating soon.

As the patriarch he spoke for the entire family. Tingles spread from the point of contact and Valko worried for a moment he might come from that one single touch. Tam didn’t know where he’d go next, but he fo plan to stick around with his family.

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It’s my job from now on. Closing his eyes, he rested his head against Valko. Tam nodded, still shaking too hard to kwll up his food. I appreciate you inviting me to dinner.