download ketabeh andisheh eslami 2. Identifier AndishehEsslami2. Identifier-ark ark://t7tn27m5v. Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader Download and Install free and paid Android apps in Iran. Ali Lakza’i, “Saz va-karha-ye azadi dar andishe-ye ayatollah Beheshti,” Ulum-e Siyasi, 4, No. 13 (Spring Jomhuri-ye Eslami, 2 1 June Ghazali.

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Ja’far Sobhani – Wikipedia

Islamic state must be concerned with social injustice and class discrimination. This tax is so called because the rate of ealami on seven specified items is twenty percent. In a comparison of the Islamic system of taxation with other secular systems, we can highlight the features and effects of Islamic tax in overall human life conditions.

The amount payable is negotiable. This helps construct a positive psychological bound between social classes. If one pays zakat or khoms without the intention to obey God, they are not clear from obligation. The cost of tax collection must be minimized.

Physiocrats were the first authors in the West who studied taxation as an independent important subject matter [5]. This way of escaping tax is easier and more common in indirect taxes.

Progressive tax is not legislated in Islam.

Ja’far Sobhani

Therefore, it does not affect the overall demand or bring about collateral economic bad effects such as inflation. It was customary for the Islamic state to give the latter three types of land to individuals for rent and receive an amount as kharaj. Taxation system must pursue social ends. Some parts of tax may be spent by individuals personally without having been first collected by the government and piled up in the treasury.


This group includes the following items:. The rent due to be paid was fixed through negotiation and varied depending on the fertility and the kind and level of production expected. Trust is a great ezlami here. The fourth kind of land was the one either abandoned by owners without fighting or left to the Islamic state by them or left unattended because the owners had perished.

Political Islam and Popular Order in Post-Revolutionary Iran

Effective factors in the formation of Islamic taxation system [30] 1. In all these cases, there is a fixed amount due to anvishe paid. Mutable taxes are those taxes the Islamic ruler decides to impose in order to meet particular expenses of the government in exceptional cases without prior legislation by divine lawmaker hence no fixed terms for them eslmai. Historically speaking, Muslims made their obligatory payments such as zakat willfully, freely, and voluntarily.

This decreases the cost andisbe tax collection considerably. Tax income from agricultural production is not cash. In some cases, they fought the Muslim army but were defeated.

In the Islamic taxation system, there are elements that encourage investment. Regional rulers were forced to pay tribute [3]. A part of the expenses of the Islamic state is covered by khoms [17].

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The distributive effect of Islamic taxation system seems greater than ahdishe ordinary systems despite the fact that the tax rate is uniform in the Islamic system zndishe taxation. While secular systems spend much on anrishe tax because of grand and complicated bureaucratic organizations involved, the Islamic system of taxation enjoys the advantage of simplicity and economy.

They are introduced as means of crises-solving by the state [23]. Lashgary, Alireza, Islamic Taxation System, Tehran, Ministry of economics and treasury, Pajuheshgah farhang w andisheh eslami,p.

Since the advent of state, statesmen needed money to run the government. Tax on revenue includes zakat on wheat, barley, date, and raisin; 2. A religious person evaluates escaping religious tax as a sin while a law-abiding person considers tax evasion as illegal only.

Paying tax is considered a religious service and a kind of worship in the Islamic taxation system. The rich get acquainted with hardship the poor undergo and the poor come to personally know their fellow benefactors.