If you loved the Twilight series, you will also love Angel, the first book in a new paranormal trilogy. However, even if you are among those who didn’t see the. Willow knows she’s different, because Willow has a gift. She can look into people’s future just by touching them. She has no idea where she gets this power from. Angel by L.A Weatherly – review. ‘I couldn’t wait to read it and it didn’t disappoint, as although it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be it was.

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Willow being savvy at fixing cars?

Angel (The Angel Trilogy, Book 1): : L.A. Weatherly: Books

But I just ended up la.weatherly in frustration. Is angel burn the same as angel?? Alex and Willow go to a restaurant where Willow ‘reads’ the waitress and stops her from committing suicide by telling her about the bright future which she would have if she didn’t kill herself, she also convinces one of her colleges to keep an eye on her. He tells Willow how the angels killed his mother, brother and father.

Thus when they finally admit to their attraction, I could actually believe it, since they were not strangers at that point. The author has a great storyline and one that is unique.


The angels aren’t just a problem in upper New York–no, they are a problem of national proportions. An advance copy was provided by the publisher. A group is sent ahead to prepare the way for a massive invasion of angels, all hungry to feed. The Angel Trilogy Book 1 on your Kindle in under a minute.

Anyways, I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

Angel is a beautifully written debut novel. The main female character is Willow.

Angel by L A Weatherly – book review

She has led a reasonably traditional life, while Alex has had only spasmodic schooling, using an old catalogue as a teaching aid. They balanced each other out very nicely. But i personally enjoy it and in fact i finished in 3 nights ending with red eyes without proper sleep! View all 4 comments. She is instantly likeable.

If John can only stay alive, he will eventually defeat the machines. Angel Angel 1 by L. Humanity is almost obliterated by monstrous machines. Categories Fiction Non-fiction Children’s books Authors. I felt like she sat down and used l.a.weathefly any standing information she had about angel lore and, somehow, managed to compose an entire novel.

Angel Burn

Willow was feeling This brilliant, action packed page turner will have you on the edge of your seat craving for more!! First of all she is l.a.weayherly mechanic and no I am not being sexist I just haven’t read many books where the heroine works on ca This review is somewhat spoilerish be warned.


First off the mythology is really something that makes this book standout l.a.aeatherly the rest. Get to Know Us.

Though they both are beautiful. One minute they like each other then the next their not talking for hours.

Follow the Author

Willow has a gift. Weatherley has turned convention on its head.

Trivia About Angel Angel, 1. You can practically hear her crying: However, this is where the similarities between the two novels end.

They drive across the angsl to see tough guy’s Southern stereotype of a best friend. The mythology though is easy to understand and comes together well as the story is explained and is quite interesting. The author even points out that this makes her stand out in a not so good way at school so my view point is taken directly from the author.

I realise it was probably a mistake to read another angel book so soon after finishing Angelfallbut it was amongst the gushing reviews and comments on the aforementioned that I read about these two books sharing a similar theme.