Aquamarine [Alice Hoffman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Best-selling author Alice Hoffman’s luminous tale of nostalgia and. Master storyteller Alice Hoffman has written a tale of enchantment: a luminous lesson in how to say goodbye and how to hold on to those we love best of all. A gossamer fable written by an adult author who illustrates some of the pitfalls awaiting those unused to writing for young people.

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In this case I enjoyed the film adaptation more than this. Honestly, I’d say go rent the movie if you want a story with a bit more depth no mermaid puns intended. Their favorite place for amusement has been the Capri Beach Club for as long as they can remember. More like the summary of a story than a reading experience.

In this book Hailey and Claire are about to lose their friendship forever. Books of the Week.

Books by Alice Hoffman. She was opeful and even though she was going away she still had faith that they would meet again.

The two novels in the Green Heart series are also short, but they’re more complex, and there’s more poetry in the writing. She lives near Boston. Open Preview See a Problem?


I enjoy reading fantasy stories alive this story was about Mermaids so it was very interesting to read and find out more things ab Why I decided to read this book? They spend their days at the decrepit Capri Beach Club, which has fallen on hard times and has only Raymond, the snack shop clerk, to keep them in lemonade. Oct 19, Allayyah Bush rated it liked it. She must find love in hofrman days or else her father brings her back to the sea. So it can make for a bit of a dull storyline.


In the swimming pool, Hailey and Claire discover the spoiled yet beautiful creature that will change their lives: I learnt that I should use my time wisely. All the characters were pretty much one dimensional and flat affect with no real defining characteristics. He takes them to the Capri Beach Club, where they organize the table and food for Aquamarine and Raymond. How many books are there about best friends moving away? Then they have a new project to distract them from their woes, because the mermaid has fallen in love with the boy who runs the snack bar.

The story is based upon two schoolgirls, Hailey and Claire, who have lived as neighbors and best friends for many years. She creates enemies, and lifelong friends. I loved how the author used details to express her feelings and describe the setting.

Aquamarine (By Alice Hoffman) | Aquamarine Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

They take Aqua under their wing and show her what it is like to be a human. He believes their story because of his own encounter with a mermaid once.

And the tale was too beautifully simple to not enjoy. Now as in today I am 16, I read it whenever I get really really bored, and guess what? G- practically nothing inappropriate, I think there might have been one kiss. Needing to get back to her own world, but wanting to find love in the human one, Hailey and Claire do everything in their power to help their newfound friend.

I’ve loved all things mermaid ever since I was little and while a book or two have been disappointing, I’m happy to say that “Aquamarine” by Alive Hoffman was not! The two hang out at the neighborhood beach club in the blistering heat, dreading the end of things. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It’s obviously better for kids.



It reminded me of lazy summer days spent by the pool when I was younger. Views Read Edit View history. May 23, Raven Gritton rated it really liked it. I liked this fantasy book I would give it 4 stars.

I found it charming and a very good quick read. Back in the Golden Age alive innocent teen movies the early sHollywood decided to make a movie version of this book. I like my mermaids to be sparkly and bright instead of dark and in the shadows. To explain her acquaintance with them, they present her as a distant cousin. Just about two girls who are flatter than a piece of paper. Thanks for telling us aquuamarine the problem. Friendship, long distance friendship. I would recommend this terrific book to kids of all age groups.

P I made it to page 11 and felt like I was wasting my time. The version of the book Aice got includes the first chapter of Indigo, Water Tale 2. Trivia About Aquamarine Water Retrieved from ” https: She needs to get back to saltwater, but instead she falls in love with Raymond, and the girls contrive to give her one evening with him before they have to take her back to sea.

Now, as this mythological but very real being starts to fade in yoffman hot August sun, a rescue begins. This was a super cute read Cons: The next morning, Aquamarine surfaces after some hesitation, being stimulated to do so by the presence of the handsome Raymond.

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