execute the military decisionmaking process (MDMP). Given the . that assist commanders and staffs with planning include Army design. Although it is not the only tool in a leader’s kit bag, the military decisionmaking process (MDMP) is an important part of the staff planning process. An effective. provide extensive information about Military Decision Making Process MDMP ().

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Each mission can require many decisions to be made based on the different situations that arise.

Military Decision Making Process

When time is not a factor, the well-developed, lock-step planning methodology presented by the MDMP is extremely effective. During this planning process, the units used the MDMP.

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Army Logistician (MDMP: One Tool in the Commander’s Tool Chest)

The acronym allows the planner to quickly relate the planning process through a single word allowing the planning process to glide smoothly without reaching out for doctrine to refer back to getting the steps in order. Ideal for students and junior personnel to remember the planning process. For example, during the time I served as a battalion operations officer, company commander, and deputy G—4 planner in the 3d Infantry Division Armheach of the warfighter exercises was based on an Iraq-like scenario.

Often, operations must armyy executed rapidly based on actionable intelligence gained during an ongoing operation. A commander and his staff must determine the best decisionmaking process to use based on the situation they face. Views Read Edit View history. It enabled the unit to forecast and anticipate friction points and properly allocate resources. The ability to adapt from an established model is also an MDMP strength. RPDM is a four-step process in which leaders—.


Once the battalion commander approved the mdm assessment, the unit safety officer forwarded it to the th Transportation Group at Fort Eustis, Virginia, for review. The Army education system ingrains the MDMP process in its leaders, giving everyone common baseline knowledge. The operations officer gathered the tools needed for the wargame—specifically, the relevant staff members, the map board on which the game was conducted, and the game pieces arky to depict equipment and other entities.

Every Army unit has developed its own unit-specific standing operating procedure SOP for its planning process.

As proven during recent operations in the Global War on Terrorism, the MDMP continues to serve as an important planning tool for military operations. The “on the fly” need for a mnemonic for the MDMP is unnecessary except possibly for use when answering military trivia questions, such as during an NCO or Soldier of the month board, or on an exam at a military service school. Because it is deliberate, it takes time.

arjy The d Transportation Battalion used a map board with pieces. This process relies heavily on the experience of the commander and his ability to rapidly formulate plans without the assistance of a deliberate planning process.

Webarchive armyy wayback links Articles needing zrmy references from March All articles needing additional references. This capability can be effectively combined with a more rapid decisionmaking process, such as the RPDM, to provide the commander the appropriate tools for making decisions in all situations.


These exercises established contingency plans, and the wargaming process served as a basis for the actual OIF planning process. The Army must have a standardized process for conducting deliberate planning, which the MDMP provides. Commanders did not have the luxury of time to conduct a full MDMP.

The operations officer then produced a matrix order and concept of support containing the completed plan and published it for all relevant parties. The recognition-primed decision model RPDM srmy effective in this type of time-constrained operation.

United States Army doctrine. Jump to top of page. Although it is a very effective tool for a commander who has been in his position for an extended amount of time, it does not address all issues. Although FM 5—0 provides a guideline for mrmp planning in a time-constrained environment, it still focuses on a very structured decisionmaking process. At the end of the wargame, the commander determined that the chosen COA was feasible and approved it.

For example, a battalion may have one platoon conducting base security, another breaking ground for a new soccer field, a company conducting a raid, and another conducting presence patrols. Since planning support operations does not take place in a vacuum, the MDMP was ideal because it incorporated Coast Guard, Port Authority, and other non-Governmental agencies into the process.