Arthur Schopenhauer Arta de a fi fericit Schopenhauer believed that the world was a cold, absurd place, and that it was only by the force of an individual’s . Arta de a fi fericit · Arthur Schopenhauer. lei. În stoc. Descriere. One of the greatest philosophers of the nineteenth century, Schopenhauer (). Posts · Tagged · #currentlyreading Arta de a fi fericit – Arthur Schopenhauer ( p.) #. #currentlyreading Gânditori ortodocși moderni – Pr. Andrew Louth ( p.) .

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I love Schopenhauer’s philosophy, to me wrta is one of the greatest thinkers, not a pessimist but a realist. So much wisdom and so much food for thought in such a small book. It helped me understand myself better, made me aware of my own potential and gave me self confidence. For its faults i intended to give these aphorisms 4 or 4. This will restore your honour” For such a short book he has managed to find plenty of space to repeat himself several times.

The Wisdom Of Life by Arthur Schopenhauer (5 star ratings)

The latter are not for me, I have come to realize. I do have some gripes with Schopenhauer’s vision of the world. The highest pleasures, those of the intellect, are to him inaccessible, and he tries in vain to replace them by the fleeting pleasures of sense in which he indulges, lasting but a brief hour and at tremendous cost.

The latter are not for me, I have come to realize.

The Wisdom of Life

One more thing perhaps that could soften his misanthropy: View all 5 comments. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Therefore, without doubt, the happiest destiny on earth is to have the rare gift of a rich individuality, and, more especially to be possessed of a good endowment of intellect; this is the happiest destiny, though it may not be, after all, a very brilliant one. Thankfully culture moved beyond that, and this should be taken as a historical note. Enter The art of being happy by Schopenhauer. Luckily Schopenhauer excels at this and thus challenges us to reconsider our attitudes all the more.


This is arthurr what happens in the case of false, that is, unmerited, fame; for its recipient lives upon it without actually possessing arthyr solid substratum of which fame is the outward and visible sign. Great, except he is racist as hell and a total sexist. Constelatii diamantine nr 51 by doina dragut issuu. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I cannot understand how a thinker of his calibre can generalize over such a large set of people.

We let go of our multitudinous desires and enjoy all the more what we have. Interesting to brilliant life lessons from one of the best known philosophers in town. He elaborates, writing that schopenhauers pessimism is the work of a tyrannical will of one who.

Also the greater importance of skill and ability over possession and fame. If the luxuries of life are heaped upon him, he will inevitably be bored, and against boredom he has a great many fancied remedies, balls, theatres, parties, cards, gambling, horses, women, drinking, traveling and so on; all of which can not protect a man from being bored, for where there are no intellectual needs, no intellectual pleasures are possible. To ask other readers questions about The Wisdom of Lifeplease sign up.

View all 3 comments. The author suggests focusing more time on something worthwhile, developing a natural skill or talent or the acquisition of knowledge.

Aug 05, Metin. If admiration were his chief aim, there would be nothing in him to admire. All this shows his elementary categorization of a human life in what one is, one has, and one represents in others, in descending order of importance. On the other side you have a man endowed with a high degree of mental power, leading an existence rich in thought and full of life and meaning, occupied by worthy and interesting objects as soon as ever he is free to give himself to them, bearing in himself a source of the noblest pleasure.


To him black people are primitive and unintellectual, women controlled by their emotions and unintellectual, too.

All that can remain of actions is a memory, and that becomes weak and disfigured by time—a matter of indifference to us, until at last it is extinguished altogether; unless, indeed, history takes it up, and presents it, fossilized, to posterity.

For, as Aristotle rightly says, Life is movement; it is its very essence.

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I’d trade a little idealism and pain for more interestingness any day. Thanks for telling us about the problem. But in the other case, when the first explosion is over, the noise it makes grows less and less, and is heard by fewer and fewer persons; until it ends by the action having only a shadowy existence in the pages of history.

While I do agree you should take into account certain risks for instance fire insurancealways keeping the negative rericit in mind is tremendously depressing. I’d trade a little idealism and pain for more ferocit any day. Trivia About The Wisdom of Life. In many ideas his delightful language and literary qualities shine, such as this one: In such a world as this, a man who is rich in himself is like a bright, warm, happy room at Christmastide, while without are the frost and snow of a December night.

Assuming life to be deterministic, at least for fericiy purposes, and only arthir to avoid pain, to me would just lead to boredom.

One more thing perhaps that could soften his misanthropy: