Provides persons who carry out periodic verification, by inspection and/or testing, with the means to determine, as far as reasonably practicable. AS/NZS Electrical installations – Periodic verification. standard by Australian/New Zealand Standards, 01/01/ View all product. AS/NZS This Joint Australian/New Zealand Standard was prepared by Joint Technical Committee EL, Wiring Rules. It was approved on behalf.

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I have just been asked again about this by a customer. Accordingly you can use the example form, or modify it to suit yourself. Mostly because it tries to be all things for all purposes, and fails at some of them while doing none of them well.

In a practical sense, most insurers will want an electrical tradesperson, some will want an inspector, and some will want a member of a particular industry organisation. No copies mandated – but a copy on file may be useful. I have just conducted testing for insurance purposes to and am about to submit my report for them, but had the thought that what if something was to ns wrong after I have submitted my report to say it was all good.


Would I be liable for any damages if it was a common electrical fault? AlecK Oct 22 As to iability, step 1is to have some liability insurance in place that ovrs ou fort offering any opinion as to the current state of the installation. My mistake on zns origin of the form i use. There was a time that a particular Insurer made a point of ensuring that a certain Industry Organization was required, however I have noticed that in recent times this reference has been removed when they have required an Inspection.

Standards New Zealand :: Electrical installations – Periodic verification

Noting that this Section 3 is a visual-only inspection, there is no requirement for any testing whatsoever. You can get certification books free from the EWRB for inspections. Ron Proffit at Electrical Forum Email: Yes just like a warrant of fitness only good for the day of issue.

AlecK Oct 21 Saturn Nov 05 I usually write lots of notes in the boxes that are not relevant. An existing installation on which no work has been carried out and is not subject to reg The Department of Building and Housing has a form for Verification sa Installations disconnected for more than 6 months.

AS/NZS 3019:2007

Sarmajor Oct 17 Click here to send Ron a pdf document for publication on this Topic Documents must be less than k in pdf format. Is it worth arguing with the lines coy and retailer that merely pulling the pole fuse does not constitute disconnection but is in fact isolation and does not trigger reg A men system of installation and Existing Mains Work. AlecK Nov 05 Sarmajor Oct 21 If anything does go wrong, there will be highly skilled lawyers acting for insurers whose first target for recovering their payout is whoever signed a certificate.


Is this a job for a registered electrician or is it for an inspector. Sam Nov 04 Doing a disconnected house tomorrow so I will use the form with a critical eye to its faults and report back.

Electrical Forum -assistance for electrical trade people

So any comments, notes, etc should really be kept separate. GPower Oct 17 Or use the EWRB form. You are correct that simply pullng fuse is only isolation not disconnection, and so ESR 74 is not triggered.

I accept that it is a poor form for most things but it was free and the local lines coy accept it.