Chapter 1. Introduction. Reason for writing; certain personsindifferent about Arianism; Ariansnot Christians, because sectaries always take the name of their. Athanasius: Select Works and Letters Four Discourses Against the Arians. Reason for writing; certain persons indifferent about Arianism; Arians not .. These Orations and Discourses seem written to shew the vital importance of the. Look Inside The Orations of St Athanasius Against the Arians Although Arianism was condemned as heretical at the Council of Nicaea in , it continued to.

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But if they say this of the Saviour also, it follows that He is neither very God nor very Son, nor like the Fathernor in any athanaius has God for a Father of Ariane being according to essencebut of the mere grace given to Him, and for a Creator of His being according to essenceafter the similitude of all others.

For the Father and the Son were not generated from some pre-existing originthat we may account Them brothers, but the Father is the Origin of the Son and begot Him; and the Father is Father, and not born the Son of any; and the Son is Son, and not brother. Along their track, have I been walking, with like opinions. The Arians availed themselves of certain texts as objections, argued keenly and plausibly from them, and would not be driven from them.

Four Orations Against the Arians

Nor does even the expression ‘become,’ which here occurs, show that the Son is originate, as you suppose. Therefore it is more pious and more accurate to signify God from the Son and call Him Father, than to name Him from His works only and call Him Unoriginate.

But this, which is participated, what is it or whence?

About this page Source. It does but remain, that they should deny Him also, because they understand not how God isand what the Father is, now that, foolish men, they measure by themselves the Offspring of the Father.

However, that as before they may pass judgment on themselves, it is well to meet them on the same ground, thus: If then the use of certain phrases of divine Scripture changes, in their opinion, the blasphemy of the Thalia into reverent language, of course they ought also to deny Christ with the present Jewswhen they see how they study the Law and the Prophets; perhaps too they will deny the Law and the Prophets like Manicheesbecause the latter read some portions of the Gospels.

NPNF Athanasius: Select Works and Letters – Christian Classics Ethereal Library

And signifying this the Lord Himself has said by His own mouth in the Gospel according to John, ‘I have sent them into the world, and for their sakes do I sanctify Myself, that they may be sanctified in the truth.

For if, being GodHe became man, and descending from on high He is still said to be exalted, where is He exalted, being God? Afterwards, as though he had succeeded to the devil’s recklessness, he has stated in his Thalia, that ‘even to the Son the Father is invisible,’ and ‘the Word cannot perfectly and exactly either see or know His own Father.


For neither is the Son in the number of things originated, nor do the words of Scripture in question, ariahs and ‘He became,’ denote beginning of being, but that succour which was given to the needy. Athanasus told them, ‘Abandon the worship of the creation, and then draw near and worship a creature and a work? In truththat crafty one did not escape detection; but, for all his many writhings to and fro, like the serpent, he did but fall into the error of the Pharisees.

Moreover, they will pass judgment on themselves in attributing such things to God athaansius, if, as they questioned women on the subject of time, so they inquire of the sun concerning its radiance, and of the fountain concerning its issue. Uniting then the two titles, Scripture speaks of ‘Son,’ in order to herald the natural and true offspring of His essence ; and, on the other hand, that none may think of the Offspring humanly, while signifying His essenceit also calls Him Word, Wisdom, and Zrians to teach us that the generation was impassible, and eternaland worthy of God.

Four Discourses Against the Arians

Help others find pages by topic by adding a topic tag if this page is a good resource no commas or raians. So that this their objection does not hold; and naturally; for denying the Logos they in consequence ask questions which are illogical.

Because of us then and in our behalf are the words, ‘highly exalted’ and ‘given. If the Son be in the number of the Angels, then let the word ‘become’ apply to Him as to them, and let Him not differ at all from them in nature; but be they either sons with Him, or be He an Angel with them; sit they one and all together on the right hand of the Fatheror be the Son standing with them all as a ministering Spirit, sent forth to minister Himself as they are.

For He is neither in the number of things originated, nor a work, but has ever been with the Fatheras has already been shown, in spite of their many variations for the sole sake of speaking against the Lord, ‘He is of nothing’ and ‘He was not before His generation.

And since to be partaken no one of us would ever call affection or division of God’s essence for it has been shown and acknowledged that God is participated, and to be participated is the same thing as to beget ; therefore that which is begotten is neither affection nor division of that blessed essence.

For the latter title, as I have said, does nothing more than signify all the works, individually and collectively, which have come to be at the will of God through the Word; but the title Father has its significance and its bearing only from the Son. And, what is a remarkable evidence of this, those of the Greeks who even at this time come into the Church, on giving up the superstition of idols, take the name, not of their catechists, but of the Saviour, and begin to be called Christians instead of Greeks: And He indeed has gained nothing from us for His own promotion: And of this we have proof from divine Scripture ; David, for instance, saying in the Psalm, ‘One day in Your courts is better than a thousand: If you say the Fatheryour blasphemy is but greater; for it is impious to say that He was ‘once,’ or to signify Him by the word ‘once.


And, whereas He is Light, was He ray-less?

CHURCH FATHERS: Discourse I Against the Arians (Athanasius)

What affection then, or what part of the Father is the Word and the Wisdom and the Radiance? When they thus speak, they should have inquired of an architect, whether he can build without materials; and if he cannot, whether it follows that God could not make the universe without materials.

But if the bare idea of God transcends such thoughts, and, on very first hearing, a man believes and knows that He is in being, not as we are, and yet in being as Godand creates not as man creates, but yet creates as Godit is plain that He begets also not as men beget, but begets as God.

But if it be blasphemous and utterly irreligious thus to inquire about Godit will be blasphemous too to make the like inquiries about His Word.

Words so senseless and dull deserved no answer at all; however, lest their heresy appear to have any foundation, it may be right, though we go out of the way for it, to refute them even here, especially on account of the silly women who are so readily deceived by them. Who, sooner than confess that the Son is the Father’s Imageconceive material and earthly ideas concerning agaihst Father Himself, ascribing to Againnst severings and effluences and influences.

And this, in other words, is saying, that the Triad has an originated consistence. He says then, ‘Your throne, O Godis for ever and ever; a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of Your Kingdom. Let a person only dwell upon this thought, and he againat discern how the perfection and the plenitude of the Father’s essence is impaired by this heresy ; however, he will see its unseemliness still more clearly, if he considers that the Son is the Image and Radiance of the Fatherand Expression, and Truth.