Attaining Your Desires – Genevieve Behrend. Book Contents. Text size: A; A; A; A. Attaining Your Desires is considered to be one of the clearest, most. Find A Center The Attaining Your Desires By Letting Your Subconscious Mind Work for You by Genevieve Behrend Library Home – Genevieve. Attaining Your Desires by Genevieve Behrend explores the life and works of Thomas Troward. The bulk of the work takes the form of a dialogue.

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Erica rated it it was amazing Aug 20, I can only repeat, by endeavoring steadfastly to remember that the only creative power there is has but one way of working, which is that of reciprocal action. This also, I think, was Jesus’ meaning when He said: A house is an effect of a need for shelter, comfort, protection, and the life. /

Do the things which are forced into being through the power of a strong will disappear simply because they lack vitality, or because the compelling power relinquishes its hold. Thinking you might like to see a copy of my reply, I brought it along for you. It is, indeed, the starting point of all things, whether it takes the form of desired sums of money or of something else.

I have always found it a great strain to hold on to an benevieve which did not abide in consciousness naturally. At such times you entirely lose sight of the fact that your individual mind is the instrument through and in which the desiees highest form of intelligence and unfailing power is endeavoring to express itself. Remember that the life- germ in you is an Intelligence which can call into specific action all of life’s forces from out the entire universe, but it can only work attauning your intelligence in correspondence to what you confidently believe it can and will do.

Attaining Your Desires | FREE

Jesus’ statement, “I lave faith in God and nothing shall be impossible unto you. I wonder why the light was not already turned on for me. Place a notebook and pencil by your side before beginning. Desirex is as described and shipped quickly!


Try practicing and leave the theory to take care of itself. Does such persistent effort always meet with such a satisfactory reward? But properly instructed builders do not behrenx this stone.

You are a vehicle or distributing medium of the creative Spirit of Life. My part then is to cook the dinner, so to speak; to use the intelligence with which I have been endowed, by making it xesires power to attract, from out the universe, ideas that will provide for me in any direction that I may choose to go, according to law?

You will find that the universal causative Power call it what you will always manifests as supreme Intelligence in the adaptation of means yoir ends.

Write down this series of questions and answers in your notebook. Thank you so much. Book page numbers, along with the number to the left of the. It is the Builder of the Body, but we can neither see, hear, nor feel it building.

On the contrary, the well-trained, developed will attaibing any position you desire without any strain on the nervous system, and its use is never followed by a sense of fatigue. There should be only one object in your mind with reference to your exercise – the development and strengthening of your will.

More New Thought News: Humanity generally admits Jesus’ ability, Jesus’ power to use the spirit of intelligent life to produce material conditions- as in turning water into wine, dewires they doubt their ability to use the same Power in themselves, in spite of Jesus’ assurance, “All things are possible unto you. Such a mental attitude renders your mind receptive to the creative action of the spirit of life. To follow his thought was like following a trusted guide through drsires most difficult places, the darkest and least explored regions of thought.


When eternity affirms the conception of an hour. It is, keep looking at God. Our work has prompted some wonderful changes in the approach of organizations to the sharing of New Thought works. It would help, but the greatest benefit would be in the direction of making you a better musician. It is a compelling, creative power? Then when I understand the law of vibration, I can get anything I want; achieve anything I desire: The realization of this will enable you to produce physical results through the power of your own thought.

You are attracted to the Universal Mind as your source of supply, along the lines of least resistance. It is of particular interest that Mrs Behrend quotes Troward as saying regarding supply and demand, “eventually you will have to come back to the teaching of Jesus,”ask and ye shall receive”.

His manner was simple and natural, and he exemplified a spirit of moderation in all things. Dennis rated it liked it May 19, Analyze what your thoughts and feelings were when you succeeded, and when you failed.

Attaining Your Desires

Explore the Home Gift Guide. Naturally my business would suffer. This library is your library and we are happy to bring these works to you.

Live naturally with the Spirit and don’t worry. Then when you have seen what the thing really is, go on and handle it in accordance with the four principles of Cheerfulness, Moderation, Honestly and Kindness. Use it negatively, and you get negative results, because the unchangeable law is, “Intelligence always manifests in responsiveness. I did not quite understand then, and I do not know now, jut how it happened.

In the sentence you quote, ‘It is exceedingly sensitive,’ etc. However, you should never to to force a situation.