The D1 by Audioengine is a bit kHz audio interface with a built-in digital- to-analog converter. Offering both USB and optical inputs, the D1 is ideal for. Audioengine D1 Back. Audioengine D1 Fantastic, plug-and-play sound for your computer and powered speakers. Crutchfield: Audioengine Desktop Audio. Find great deals for Audioengine D1 Premium bit DAC / Headphone Amp. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I can’t believe how good this thing is, given the size and price. It’s just that very few cables stay firmly connected. To take advantage of this, you will need a USB power cord, but we believe the added improvement to be worthwhile.

Some have questioned why a solid state device needs a break-in. So I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for great sound for a very reasonable price. Your username or email address: It takes digital output from the computer and converts is to analog. Paired with any good headphones, you can transform your notebook or any computer into a HiFi CD player, bypassing the usually poor quality sound cards that come embedded in the computers.

Two things affect this: I only use it with headphones and like that it can also be used with speakers. I’ve tried up to khz and there are no problems, except when you switch rapidly from one format or resolution the other.

D Rob and Contrail like this. A DAC converts a digital signal to analog so your ears can process the signal as sound. It has both line level and headphone outputs. Send a link to auudioengine item so recipient can review, customize or exchange for an alternate of equal or lesser value. Pros – Sound quality.


If anything, the humble D1 blew the HiFiMan away. I ordered a 3. Not at all, it still worked fine with them, and did dramatically improve them vs.

Noticeable improvement over the onboard sound of my mac. The unit is very small and well built. I wanted something reliable with repair available in the US vs sending the unit back to China with unknown freight and wait times. Nice Unit for the money Written by cutecob Published Mar 12, Please check your local sales tax laws.

JoongDec 15, With the provided USB cable there’s plenty of side to side wiggle. I don’t need any equalization – the sound is that good.

Audioengine D1 Premium 24-bit DAC / Headphone Amp

I also wanted it to look okay, but have a fairly small footprint. It can also serve as a preamp, so you could connect powered speakers, or a power amp and full audioengune speakers.

Wonderful, Clean, accurate sound. This is not a bad thing f1 many devices are designed this way. Especially given that Audiosngine will sometimes move this around, it was easy for the volume knob to be turned way up, audiongine knowing. I got great results with a USB 2. Some prefer a certain chipset over another, others talk about color and depth of sound from one audiiengine over another. The sound is, as far as my ears can tell, identical to the original CDs.


Best results will be acheived with high quality music files. I asked why we were going backward technologically. The HiFiMan looked somewhat out of place.

I am now close to 50 hours and can make some informed comments about the D1: I tried several inexpensive USB cables and got the same result. Fine tuning your software is more of a challenge, but that’s not the D1’s fault. The headphone amp is designed to drive headphones from 10 ohms and up, and performed far better than the headphone amp in the computer. The Audioengine D1 has freed my digital music collection and taken it to the next level. Powers my HD and HE headphones very well, seriously can not tell the difference between audiengine and the Asgard 2 which very much disappointed me for the price.

Anyway, you will need some software to go with the box.

Audioengine D1 Bit Digital to Analog Converter D1 B&H Photo

I really dig the the D1. It also got rid of audikengine static on the USB 3. So I was a little disappointed there, but than again it takes another kind of beast to run the ‘s.

An great balance between sound quality and value. The D1 is designed to improve the sound of your audio system by utilizing higher quality DACs.