More specifically, the term “B2E” is frequently used to refer to the B2E portal ( sometimes called a people portal, which is a customized home page or desktop for. Lupa Username? Masukkan NRP anda, kemudian tekan tombol submit. Cancel. Forgot Password | User Activation | Change Password. © IT Division PT. Having made major investment on B2B and B2C aspect of e-business, businesses are now looking to adopt B2E portal technology to improve organisational.

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A collaborative enterprise portal enables a “virtual” project team to be built that, thanks to a shared language and tools, is porta to increase its productivity. Plus, with initiatives like GlassDoor amplifying the voice of the employee, brands now feel even more pressure to make their employees feel valued and happy with their work life.


While customers have the choice to move away from a company’s site if they don’t like the user interface, that company’s employees are stuck with a system that fails to meet their needs and those of the employers.

A well-designed B2E portal that can personalize employee experiences can not only improve efficiency, but also increase employee satisfaction and provide a sense of community. Open Text, Intraspect, Lotus Notes, etc. A B2E strategy, backed by a B2E portal, helps employees and employers to get the most out of their time, effort and talent.

With B2E, the target is not companies, but their own employees. The most effective B2E strategies combine the best methods of both marketing leaders and human resources directors.

The Significance of The Employee Experience EX The importance of delivering an oprtal and user-friendly system for internal employee use frequently gets ignored in companies of all sizes. This pooled experience and skills permanently enriches a company’s “knowledge” capital. Elizabeth Rosenzweig, author of Successful User Experience: Magazine in about the importance of engaging employees in the creation of bb2e own B2E portal.

The importance of pportal an efficient and user-friendly system for internal employee use frequently gets ignored in companies of all sizes. This lack on involvement from employees in dictating their own work environment can cause skilled employees to disengage from a company culture that they view as distant and uncaring.


At the moment, most companies depend on intranet portak and perhaps a combination of tools like Slack, Google Calendar and Skype to patch the entire employee experience together. But very few of them are able to offer an opened “re-usable component strategy”.

What is B2E (Business-to-Employee), And Why it is Important?

Plus, a B2E portal allows for more customization and personalization to better meet the needs of each individual employee. Ironically, by ignoring the employee experience EXbrands indirectly damage the customer experience. These inefficiencies can lead to a poor employee experience EX as they try to use a system that gives a bad user experience UX.

While developers and marketers focus their energy on pleasing external consumers, they forget to smooth out the user experience for the company’s other vital constituency: Our experts share their expertise with containers, real customer stories of how containerization has helped leading enterprises save time and money, as well as a sneak peek at how dotCMS is scaling using Docker, a leading container provider.

Comprehensive solution for business-to-business b2b and business-to-enterprise b2e portal allowing companies to build a “virtual” project team that is able to increase the company’s productivity, thereby enriching its “knowledge” capital.

What It Is, And How to Manage It Some organizations are so busy building a customer-centric brand, they forget about the lifeblood of their entire operation; their employees. Skip to main content. Most companies have an internal online system that lets employees handle the routine tasks Rosenzweig mentioned above. But one aspect of B2E strategy in particular deserves special attention due to its overarching impact on the daily life of the employee: Strategies and Roadmaps, wrote that “user experience is arguably even more strategically important inside the enterprise than out.

B2E portal – definition of B2E portal by The Free Dictionary

In fact, employee relations is extremely crucial to achieving primary business objectives. Boosting national economies portxl the international market, and strengthening the basis for sustainable prosperity and employment. A B2E portal on the other hand, goes several steps further, allowing employees to access communicate and collaborate with colleagues, access training services, travel services, industry news, stock quotes, porrtal interfaces and even employee benefits like in-house discount codes.


Elizabeth Dukes, co-founder of iOfficewrote a column for Inc.

According to Margaret Rouse of WhatIs. This is why more and more companies are moving towards B2E portals. Ask them what types of resources, technologies and spaces they believe are critical for success and then make sure they have them. The main competitors are North Americans: At the same time, HR leaders can provide the content and tools employees need in the most useful and efficient ways available.

Raising the productivity and competitiveness of European businesses through technology. Then don’t make assumptions about what your workforce wants or needs. At the moment, companies want to improve employee experience, but have no obvious pathway to so. Marketers can use their techniques to deliver messages and create user-friendly porttal that will attract and retain top talent in much the same way that they bring in customers.

Some organizations are so busy building a customer-centric brand, they forget about the lifeblood of their entire operation; their employees. The aforementioned survey also cited several reasons for the disconnect between the value the executives placed on providing a quality EX and their actions in following through on those values.

STRATELIA is the portxl company to provide such a collaborative portal solution that combines an easy to use application, upgrade ability and rapid implementation. A B2E strategy covers everything a business can do to attract, recruit, onboard, train, empower and retain employees.