Schools 14 – 19 Becta SRF and ICT Mark. Eastern Primary School. Incline Row, Port Talbot, SA13 1TT, ,. [email protected] The school. The Self-review Framework (SRF) provides a structure for reviewing your school’s use of technology and its impact on school improvement. It is designed to help. “During my time as an ICT advisory teacher Becta was a wonderful source .. The SRF is just one excellent example of a useful tool for schools.

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It seems to me that’s a text-book troll as I wasn’t drawn in the first time so the comments were made even grander in the hope that I’d be drawn in srt second time.

Becta had already started to move in this direction. Purchase, deploy and review appropriate ICT resources that reflect your school improvement strategy. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Even if schools are free to make their own ICT purchasing decisions, will they necessarily choose open source?

It’s not surprisng that the schools lean this way. This is a very small part of what becta did – but someone somewhere in government needs to be looking at how not to lose what is a top resource for many teachers, and more importantly, for their students.

Any reasonable teacher will tell you that their job is to train kids to absorb, collate, reason with, and learn to adapt. The SEN element of becta appeared to be run on a shoestring.

Does it finally add up? That presented problems, constantly. Wherever possible, levels have been assigned to aspects based on data your school submitted to the previous Self-review framework.

Provide quality support and training activities for all staff in the use of ICT sharing effective practice. Modern linux, for example, is a generic system that provides the core functions, and most of the main app functions that are found in commercial alternatives and it’s fair to say that many opensource apps are much better built than the commercial alternatives. There were many times when I witnessed a number of people sitting surfing the internet and doing nothing constructive.


Becta: Does it deserve to die?

Rory via these feeds. With Microsoft its pretty easy, and it’s there. Sorry, but yes Becta should go. With no bulk purchasing it would be easy to get a good quality new laptop and 3 years broadband for substantially less than that.

The FITS Foundation which has been spun off from Becta and will continue as a business is providing Training which will raise the standards throughout educational it. If the Government really want to do that – stop using ICT as a sweetener to the private BSF investors, invest that saved money into the actually BSF buildings, concentrate on those schools that need the accommodation the most, and stop going for style over substance just so some “consultants” can be paid a tonne of money.

You only have to look at the haste with which they came up with the list.

When I spoke to the Department of Education this morning that was the line they took about today’s decision. Closing BECTA sdf have been a short-term win but in the long-term the government needs to tackle the attitudes that make these organisations perform so badly in the first place; practices and behaviours that just wouldn’t wash in the private sector.

I am sure bectx there are many ICT heads in schools who can Twitter Tweet and Text and provide good advice on what software and services they believe they need.

What can I use the new framework for? The school had no qualified IT teacher, despite several years of requests for one.

EDIS – Becta SRF and ICT Mark

This is one area where the students can guide the teachers! However, what we’ll be losing is a source of helpful advice for schools and local authorities, excellent support for the special needs communities and research into ICT that no one else will be doing. This comment has been referred for further consideration. But that does not call for scrapping the whole lot. It’s always a good idea to show that there are alternatives, but it would be folly to not expose children to the kind of software they’re most likely to arf using in the real betca.


Not only is MS consistent in each app, but across all apps and even the OS They’re still expensive, and when you add that up across the nation, sff a huge chunk of money that could be better spent on providing hardware, better training, and sponsorship of development of opensource software.

BBC – : Becta: Does it deserve to die?

Becta has always had to tread a careful line between the best interest of schools and the system as a whole on one hand, and a huge multi billion pound, lobbying, cajoling, downright deceitful at times, ICT industry on the other and the OSS community are not immune from this either. For many universities for example the cost of development products directly dictates what platforms they choose to teach their students and MS have an active interest in them choosing the MS path.

Download the level descriptor documentation for all 6 elements – ZIP 3.

Here are some of many examples: It’s fair to say though bectaa open source will not work for schools without expertise, and the government seems to believe in taking the expertise out of schools and handing the reigns to commercial suppliers under the BSF scheme.

Each aspect has sgf set of indicator questions that you complete in order to determine the level of the aspect for your school. Although I belive we urgently need to plan for an alternative future, I feel we must also make it clear that the bonfire could consume much that is good but that this need not be so given goodwill and a relatively small amount of support.

Such policies included the Home Access scheme which enabled disadvantaged children access to the digital age. If this issue can be resolved across the board then government bevta will plummet and efficiency will soar. Comments Post your comment Sign in or register to comment.