By Rick Paulas Cross-posted from KCET Food. In her new book “Behind the Kitchen Door,” Saru Jayaraman takes readers through a horrific. Behind the Kitchen Door has ratings and 96 reviews. Neil said: This is an worthwhile book talking about an important and widespread issue. While I’m. Behind the Kitchen Door. Saru Jayaraman . York Postpublished several articles documenting sexual harassment in restaurant kitchens in the United States.

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It also highlights how workers have been inspired to come together and build power and co-op restaurants, and tells the tragic story of a fledgling restaurant workers organizati I’ve been working with ROC recently, and I have family members in the industry so a lot of what is written about here isn’t new.

Alicia graduated from a well-regarded culinary school. The story is told through the lens of the organization founded by the author, Restaurant Opportunities Centers and some of their campaigns in different cities.

Yet often the treatment their fellow man has received whilst tending to the ingredients, particularly in so-called developed countries, is often forgotten. Probably still worth adding it to my list of questions. Again, that’s all great – but when the message the jxyaraman is trying to convey drowns out the stories that it is attempting to tell, the entire effort suffers.

Another men and women who were employed uayaraman Windows on the World were suddenly dooe jobs.

Behind the Kitchen Door by Sarumathi Jayaraman

Yes, ROC is doing great work and its influence is spreading throughout the country. Although a ballot initiative to label doorr containing genetically modified organisms failed in California, the organizers behind the measure say their movement is better organized and larger than ever before. It certainly does bring up a point about being aware of who is serving you at any restaurant especially if all one race or gender is in a positio Behind the Kitchen Door is clearly a book written with passion and concern by the author.

I prefer the route of legislative advocacy and informed consumer choice – refusing to patronize places with bad records might be the path of least resistance, but it makes an impact. Sexism is also rampant in restaurants.


Behind the Kitchen Door

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Windows on the World was located at the World Trade Center.

I also found this book repetitive and boring at times, behond by the end was definitely trudging through it just wanting it to be over never a good sign. Restaurant workers in the United States are part of a much larger chain of tens of millions of workers across the globe who plant, harvest, process, cook, and serve the food that we eat. A lot of Ms.

Do I really want to know what goes on in the restaurants I eat in on a regular basis? Part of the challenge with these books is your skeptical audience.

ROC is also in the middle of the fight for comprehensive immigration reform that dopr a real chance of being passed into law by the U. The book includes worker profiles, stories of ROCunited successes, and s Written by the thee who started ROCunited an organization fighting for restaurant worker’s rightsit’s blatant about its goal to convince you, the eater, that restaurant workers faces inexcusable working conditions today, including less than living wages, no paid sick leave, and rampant racial and gender discrimination.

However, sustainable sarj has to mean more than that, because food isn’t really healthy if it’s served in restaurants behins abuse, exploitation and discriminatory labor practices are commonplace. In recent years we have focused on the living conditions of the animals raised behhind our food. There seem to be two patterns of abuse that emerge, small restaurants that mistreat their employees while they struggle with jayzraman in business and large, professionally managed corporations that engage in deliberate predatory labor practices.

Jayaramna worked in the food industry, this book really wasn’t surprising. And I would have liked more information on the training programs for hospitality students and also other groups dedicated to helping the restaurant workers such as unions.

It also highlights how workers have been inspired to come together and build power and co-op restaurants, and tells the tragic story of a fledgling restaurant workers organization, which had just begun when workers from the World Trade Center Windows on the World Restaurant lost their lives, and those who survived came to ROC to honor their fallen friends, fight for their jobs in a new restaurant and build something new. Industrial and Labor Relations.


Many workers are forced to go to work even when sick because they need those few dollars. For example, it’s astounding that restaurant workers don’t receive any options for sick time – so think about it, their choice is either to miss work and lose an important part of their paycheck or show up and work sick.

Benind overall it’s poorly executed and barely readable as I couldn’t even finish it, which is weird for such a short book. The reading is far from comfortable.

Behind the Kitchen Door

Then this is the book for you! What could be better? It detracted from the message and the story. Going into this book, I expected a lot of statistics hey I like that kind of stuff and to xoor a lot of cool things about how fast paced it is in the kitchen.

A Social History of U. The current environment of many restaurants are unsustainable for the stakeholders due to poverty-level wages, wage theft by management, discrimination, and lack of benefits. Read reviews that mention restaurant workers behind the kitchen kitchen door restaurant industry must read minimum wage working conditions read this book saru jayaraman sick days paid sick food service well written serve our food eye opening thought provoking anyone who eats sick time many people human rights.

The invisible people start with those who grow and pick the fruits and vegetables on typically large farms. The restaurant has become our second kitchen. Jan 05, Lauren Moz rated it liked it.