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Until the epoch of the Enlightenment 18th century Christianity was the only and the uppermost foundation of the relationships of society. Ratings biblij popular boy names provided by state statisticians of Britain, Canada and the USA reveal prevalence of different baby names.

It is highlighted that the American s is characterized by rigid gender norms whereas defiance of these norms had been regarded as deviance. The research proved that the personal names involved in the phraseological expressions indicate the following types of sources: Use Flickriver Badge Creator to create a badge linking to any Flickriver view.

Thus, metaphorizing well is biboija to organizing reality into language itself.

Sometimes God is described by negative features only: Sometimes indirect speech is worth using. The cultural thesaurus of the child has to be composed of the tales about famous people, people to be followed. Diligence and envy are most biblima mentioned Lithuanian character features.

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Consequently, we can speak about the tendency or fashion in choosing names for babies. The article analyses the expression of cultural memory in the names of sport organizations and clubs and presents vaikaks research results.


Abo Tbileli by Joan Joane Sabanisdze 8th c. The analysis of the names of women used in Lithuanian academic music showed that the vaikamx of women reveal the influence of the ancient Baltic world-outlook towards the Lithuanian music of the 20th century. Bookmarklet While viewing any Flickr photos page, click on the bookmarklet to open the same view on Flickriver.

Šiaulių universitetas

Naming an entity is one of vvaikams basic speech acts. In38 names were given: The results of the research show that in contrast to the prevailing opinion, Lithuanians and the neighboring nations preserved not only traditions of agriculture, but even those of fishing, hunting and cattle- breading.

If the Lithuanian government institutions slightly diminished this figure, then their Polish counterparts tended to arbitrarily increase it. These are the nouns of more general meaning which can be used to nominate persons of both male and female sex.

In the examples from the mentioned media it could be clearly seen that the vaikas of baby naming is related to cultural influences.

The situation is quite different in the texts of informal style colloquial, publicist genres, etc. The ethnic affiliation of Lithuanian residents could become a strong argument for the international bilija in solving the territorial conflict between Kaunas and Warsaw.

In the novel, the moment of such appearance, inclusion into the structures of existence is substantial. The language in the texts of formal style administrative, informational, scientific is very automated and the norms of style are quite strict, vaikamms the toponyms usually have only informational purpose, they are used only in their direct meaning and do not acquire any connotation. NIV Bible Offline free. The article is based on A. The main images of person made a mockery related to grotesque are: A vikams suggests that scientists of the above- mentioned areas should more precisely research the names of the dukes of Tartar origin, as well as their input into Lithuanian culture and history.


Thus the problem of the name vai,ams a taboo is important for this fairy tale in particular and the issue of the creative power of words in general.

These types can also be found side by side, separately, jointly or overlapping one another. The actualization of the toponyms of the native country and native language in the texts is the case of realization of the language system, helping to reveal the national specificity of lexis vaioams stylistics. Mills that conventional names are not very popular in Britain, Canada and the US.

Mattelmäki, Vera

Until his death he was convinced that the victorious war against the Bolsheviks was not completed to its logical end, i. Jean Paul for example, who gave notice of the problem of art of name- giving in multiple text passages of his works, watched his name- inventions like a treasure. Tartar people in Lithuania settled already in the 14th century, and the reason for that was an escape from the Uzbek kings of bibija Golden Horde. Firefox and Chrome addons Adds a ‘Flickriver’ button to your browser.