Download/Embed scientific diagram | Gondolas of a circulating detachable bicable ropeway. from publication: Modelling and simulation of bicable ropeways . The term “aerial ropeway” refers to an installation transporting passengers in The term “bicable” means that the two functions of carrying and hauling are filled . Manufacturer of Ropeways – BI Cable Ropeway, Monocable Pulsating Ropeway, BI Jig Back Ropeway and Jig-Back Ropeway offered by Gh Enterprises, Solan.

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Bicable technology The term “bicable” means that the two functions of carrying and hauling are filled by separate ropes. With this type longer unsupported span is possible. Significant improvements have also been made to ride comfort. Get Best Price Request a quote. Bicwble rope move in both directions. Tricable and bicable gondola lifts Economical solution for demanding terrain.

Today, fixed grip chairlifts are mainly provided for 2 and 4 passengers.

These detachable ropeway systems take their names from the number of ropes ropway use. There are also reduced maintenance requirements, since the grip can now simply be removed. The ropes that carry the carrier are called the carrying ropes and those that haul carriers are called the hauling ropes. On the contrary, draglifts are lifts where the users remain permanently in contact with the ground and bicablee are very similar to trains.

The seats can also be provided with heating.


The cabins of this type of installation ropewau up to 10 passengers per cabin. For more information Draglifts. For more information Inclined elevators. Get a Best Deal. For more information Minimetro. For more information Aerial tramways. Tricable and bicable gondola lifts In use All references of this product at a glance.

Ropeway Systems Get Price. Orpeway typE ropeway can be of very high capacity. Monocable technology The term “monocable” means that one single rope carries first function and hauls second function the carrier that is hung to it. A bicable gondola lift has a carrying and a hauling rope. Aerial tramways have one or two cabins running to and fro between the stations either on a hauling rope on one or two track ropes, or with just a single hauling rope providing the traction.

Allowing about 16 seconds for both de-boarding and boarding its capacity works upto PPH. This type of rope is called a “carrying-hauling rope”.

Fixed grip installations are bicale of ropeway whose grip is permanently clamped to the rope and is not removed from the rope in the station. They can be taken down at any time during the drive.

This type of Ropeway System can go up to a speed of 10 mps on track rope and 7. GHE is the India’s largest Himalayan Defense logistics solution company and leading manufacturer of MIL grade aerial cables, housing, energy and infrastructure solutions. In addition to classic winter sports tourism, these lifts are increasingly in demand for alternative purposes, such as transport to tourist sights, urban commuting, and as bicabel in themselves.


Draglifts have a long history and are the most widely used across bicabble world. Monocable Ropeway Get Price.

Ropeways – BI Cable Ropeway Manufacturer from Solan

A tricable gondola lift has two carrying ropes and one hauling rope. For more information Detachable gondola lifts. Fixed Grip Ropeway Get Price. For more information Pulsed Gondola ropeways.

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The choice of installation depends on the characteristics of the site slope, length available, nature of the terrain flown over, environmentthe performances required transport capacity, speed and the type of customers skiers, pedestrians, disabled passengers, etc.

The term “aerial ropeway” refers to an installation transporting passengers in carriers hung to one or more cables such as chairlifts, gondola lifts, funitels and other aerial ropeways reversible or pulsed operation. Multiple cable solutions guarantee increased wind resistance and are able to cross spans of over 2, meters. Cabins can bicanle up to 8 person capacity.

Monocable Pulsating Ropeway Get Price. Wire Ropes in Chandigarh. Detachable Grip Ropeway Get Price.