GM Andras Adorjan tells of the origins of his thesis — Black is OK. 84 Some Novelties 86 More Novelties 1 03 Lajos Portisch: BLACK IS OK if s(he) finds the right lines! 1 09 Statistics on Andras Adorjan’s Games 1 14 No Dogmas . Has anybody here ever read Andras Adorjan’s “Black is OK” (late 80s), “Black is Still Ok” (early ‘s), “Black is OK Forever” (), and his.

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Like Morphy and Fischer Alpha Zero is done. Another common argument is that White starts the game, and thus he determines the course of the battle and the character of the position.

Shall we accept a drab, meaningless existence where animalistic? It tolls for you.

We, chess-players of the Globe, seek truth on the board. These things Opening books are like chess crack.

A considerable part of my life, however, has been devoted to efforts to change this, because it is not a necessity! When it comes to openings, often times it’s not a cover to cover read unless you are specifically reading a repertoire book. It is more like a seesaw in continuous motion. This can make up for several categories of playing strength! Nothing can replace such individual observations that are 1.

Do it while you still can! I have the impression that White has the better score everywhere.

I didn’t get too far for a while. And, last but not least, it is also important whose knowledge of that specific variation is deeper, that is, who is more familiar with the spirit of the position. All games ever played in the history of chess serve as evidence of this ik, whether they took place on benches of public squares or on the stages of world championship matches.


So I look at the last one in the sample, 1. It’s more a book Ls take with me to tournaments, bkack and solve problems while on an airplane even if it’s a family or business trip, not chess relatedetc. The reception was encouraging, not bad for a start and not only for a start! You’ve done a lot of good to others in your life, and you are doing good to us even at the moment of your death.

This is the difference between human beings and computers.

Anybody read Andras Adorjan’s “Black is ” books? – Chess Forums –

This is understandable, as it is extremely difficult nowadays to have ambitious, versatile and up-to-date repertoires with both colours. I presume – in the spirit of the presumption of innocence – that the position is equal. It would be interesting to know exactly how many attacks and counterattacks there are in an average football game.

Refresh and try again. Qb1 with mate in a couple. Most chess sacrifices are aimed at gaining superiority at a certain part of the board most often in the vicinity of the king.

This means that, although the game is still balanced, the pendulum swings in the direction White has pushed it in. Shall we then accept our limitations with resignation, and despair of our pretensions to change, to make things change, or to make things better?

Nov 8, 4. Yeah, I read that, and it seemed like a half bio, half game collection js others, of Black wins, which is why I found it interesting, but didn’t know if there was a necessity to read the others, like if there was something unknown on the rest of the pages, like if there were tons of references to items from the other three books or if it could be read adorjab.

Well, let me tell you just one thing before trying to answer this painful and eternal question. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. We can all remember cases – even from our own practice – when this right became a sad necessity, or zugzwang. It is a well-known fact that you cannot launch an attack without exposing some weaknesses in your own position.

  ASTM D2049 PDF

Black Is Still OK!

What happened to me is the opposite of this: And am right now after typing this headed to McKays to sell some of them! I managed to tell my mother on her deathbed: Of course You are! White wins Draw Black wins 3. And, as he has the right to move first, he sees to it immediately. Let the real debate start now! Books by Andras Adorjan. As long as it is still possible to come up with novelties of at least equal value as early as move 6, 5 or even 3 cf.

It has been only for a mere thirty, or perhaps fifty years that chess is played on a scientific basis, instead of just hoping for some Bxf7 check, or some romantic mating attack without preparations. People play for a win with the White pieces, because they believe in it. Sometimes the players just develop their forces quietly, and the stronger one beats his weaker opponent.

If you exclude openings, I tend to work on 4 books at a time, and then have a 5th book that is nothing but problems going on. Paperbackpages. During one of my travels abroad, I saw the question looking at me from wall-posters: RMChess 8 min ago.