Bob Hoffman and Dr. Ziegler convinced Louis Riecke to act as a subject for the testing of the Functional Isometric Contraction system of training. Muscle contraction pdf – powered movements in muscle contraction. isometric muscle contraction pdf smooth muscle contraction pdf. Functional Isometric Contraction, System of Static Contraction: Advanced Course. Front Cover. Bob Bob Hoffman Foundation, – Calisthenics – 26 pages.

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Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Get to Know Us. Newer Post Older Post Home. With this method of Functional Isometric Contraction and Isometric Contraction with Weights, the contracttion do not tire although subjected to the limit of force. With this method of training, you train twice as many times, although the Functional Isometric Contraction and Isometric Training with weights are easy training days.

Actually laziness is at the root of all the excuses.

This system of training will be a boon to the average family. With this new system, many actually gain not only two times as fast, but three or four times as fast.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. It is so easy to miss again when you have missed once. It is a superior method of building great funcrional and unusual muscular development.

Bob Hoffman – Functional Isometric Contraction

These gains will be made by men who use this most modern system of training. This concept of training, as incorporated in isometricc Functional Isometric Contraction System, results in greater strength and new records. Now he is known over all the world, and is on the verge of breaking world records.

They may train too little, use too little weight resistance, or they miss training periods for every possible excuse. As only a few supermen have the needed and exceptional endurance and recuperative powers to progress with this type of training, more men fail than succeed. It applies force where force is needed. The Development of the Theory and the Application tunctional Functional Isometric Contraction The theory and application of Functional Isometric Contraction is the result of the combined efforts, the experience and the thinking of five men who were brought together by their mutual interest in the process of developing muscular strength.

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Bob Hoffman – Functional Isometric Contraction – Free Download PDF

Only maximum contractions, only the application of great force will develop the strongest muscles. To obtain best results it is far better to subject the muscle or muscle group to a single maximum contraction and all around strength will more quickly be attained.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. Functional Isometric Contraction is a time saver. They risked their reputations as weightlifters. Those who succeed have the right combination of the right system of training, they follow the rules of healthful living. Strength will appear in the tendons, the ligaments, the muscles, and even greater strength in the bones. The Functional Isometric Contraction method of training brings together all the xontraction scientific facts of strength development and body mechanics.

They work too much on their nerves contracion of course, there are those who have poor living habits, such as irregular sleep, and the failure to maintain a tranquil mind. Cunctional is Functional Isometric Contraction? One of our rules of successful training, and body building is, never miss an exercise period.

Their muscles were developed by isolated exercises and movement, rather than by heavy weight lifting. Perhaps their bodies do not have enough natural recuperative power. The Super Power Rack can be used by the children, by Father and Mother, by the old folks, by the neighbors. It is nature’s way to meet demands made upon the muscles, so that they will become stronger and more enduring.

For greater success follow isometrkc methods to the exclusion of all others.

The new isometric training system will have an important place in the realm of weight training. Functkonal the Hoffman Isometric-Isotonic Super Power Rack is primarily designed to build great strength, the maximum of strength, development and athletic ability.


What can we furnish contractoon those who want the limit in weight lifting ability, in strength and physical perfection that has not already been offered in the courses which have served so well, in the 19 books Bob Hoffman has written, in the thousands of articles isometeic Bob Hoffman has written.

This sensational improvement made by Louis Riecke can be made by all other lifters who follow this new system of training, the Isometric Contraction System, combined with weight lifting training. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? As a result of this lengthy and result producing experiment, all five of these men, the Medical doctor, the Olympic coach, the Professor, the Olympic trainer and the lifter agree that Functional Isometric Contraction is a truly superior method for developing strength.

The Functional Isometric Contraction system develops functional strength by causing the lifter to ckntraction all exercises in the position of movement used in competitive lifting. The training system we are offering is the best, the superior way to build great strength and functuonal. They eat too much of foodless foods such as white flour and white sugar products. The Functional Isometric Contraction method of developing strength is the result of research done in several of functionsl major universities in the United States and Europe.

With the Functional Isometric Contraction and System of Power Training, advanced men those who have gone through the preliminary training can work their muscles to the limit of their strength – and beyond – yet the muscles do not become fatigued.