Results 1 – 30 of 30 Consolation Philosophy by Boethius Watts. You Searched . Boethius, Ancius ( Author); Watts, Victor (Translator); Watts, Victor (Introduction. Consolation of Philosophy () by Ancius Boethius. Victor Watts read Classics and English at Merton College Oxford. He is Master of Grey. Boethius was an eminent public figure under the Gothic emperor Theodoric, and an exceptional Greek scholar. When he became involved in a.

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Dec 26, Trevor rated it really liked it. While it is not overtly a religious work, it consolaiton aspects of Christian and Platonic belief, among others.

The Consolation of Philosophy

The first three books are largely concerned with layi As with most I things I read, I have more questions than consolation. Boethius—himself in a horrible situation—strives to use the extent of his philosophic powers to condole others who are suffering, and to maintain a positive view of humanity and the universe.

The Comedy of Errors. Understanding these concepts helps with understanding at least Dante Alighieri and Geoffrey Chaucer more fully; but they cpnsolation also wtts in one’s day-to-day beothius.

I’ve heard the view that Boethius was not a Christian, and the nature of the discussions between Boethius and Philosophy are such that they could be Christian or Pagan. Some of the philosophy is a reflection of earlier work Aristotle makes a number of appearancesbut the ground that Boethius re-cov There is boethous nothing I can add to the body of praise and criticism on this work, so I will make my comments as simple and subjective as possible.

The author, Boethius, through his dialog with the lady, Philosophy, tells us and much more.


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Boethius and the Consolation of Philosophy 3 48 Consolaiton 18, Philosophy implies that Socrates was one of her best champions, and after his death, other philosophers could not hold his place.

When he became involved in a conspiracy and was imprisoned vjctor Pavia, it was to the Greek philosophers that he turned. As other reviewers have mentioned, dead useful as a background text to medieval Western literature – because it was the background text of medieval Western literature. The other bit that I think makes it hard to view Boethius as your standard Christian is that he has a very strange idea of freedom of the will and providence.

Obviously I have never been through anything nearly as horrible as Boethius goes through here, but once I had a very stressful and anxious night thinking about some work that I needed to do and needed to do particularly well, something I was fairly confident I was likely to stuff up quite convincingly. Common terms and phrases A.

Boethius, trans. Victor Watts, The Consolation of Philosophy

Selected pages Title Page. Another consolatiom I thought was a bit of a give away was the fact that at no time does Boethius mention Christ. As a delightful aside: While we could argue over whether or not Boethius was a Christian, no one could argue about whether he was a Neo-Platonist or not.

Philozophy 01, Melika Khoshnezhad rated it liked it. I like his example of a human being perceiving several things in front of him, or even several things successively, yet not imposing any kind of necessity on the things he perceives and the ensuing analogy he draws to God.

Top Political Philosophy Quotes. If evil is literally nonexistent, can it be the opposite of something?


As a final note, the Librivox production would have been much improved if performed as follows: Pericles, Prince of Tyre. A good part of me wishes that Boethius had remained fixated on his worldly concerns enough to have left aatts a detailed account of the politics of the Ostrogothic court at least in his initial laments, but the promise of the Kingdom of God proved too much for philosolhy In he saw his two sons become consuls.

There are lovely little poems throughout this book too. Translated with an Introduction by Victor Watts. Philosophy does not seem to think poetry is bad when she speaks to Boethius of truth, and knowing he is fond of meter and music, she persuades him half through poetry and half through logic that he is miserable because he has forgotten who he is and what he once knew.

The world is not ruled by chaotic forces, reward and punishment are not random–it’s just that his limited human perception cannot fully understand the situation. First of all, this is a beautiful book. Paradoxically, another complementary text is Thomas Cahill’s How the Irish Saved Civilization, ISBN covering the same period when Boethius’ influence was greatest though Cahill boetius Augustine as the pinnacle and depth of the lost culture and Ausunius the Poetas as the weary, wasted remains.