BS 2573-2 PDF

BS 2573-2 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BS Rules For The Design Of Cranes – Part 2: Specification For Classification, Stress Calculations And Design Of Mechanisms. Bs Crane Design – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Civil Engineering.

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In addition, the requirements for stiffness lateral and torsionalfatigue, influence of bearings, fits of components, etc. Although de-rating is not mandatory for reasons of permissible stress resulting from the working load, it may be advisable from the point of view of obtaining increased endurance under arduous conditions of use.

Part 1the ‘Rules for the gs of hoisting appliances Section 1: Two such works are: The gearing shall be designed for a service life compatible with the service life of the mechanism of which the gearing forms a part.

In calculating the torque applied to a mechanism or component during an accelerating or decelerating motion, it may be necessary to take into account the torques required to accelerate or decelerate the moving parts of the mechanism and drive unit themselves.

Where bolts are tightened by controlled means to comply with the requirements of clause 13 of Part 1: U s is the ultimate tensile strength of the material. In making allowance for runner bearing friction, the ratio between tread diameter and bearing diameter has to be taken into account, 25732 when plain bearings are bw.

The following loadings shall be taken into account when designing a mechanism and its components.

Rail wheels shall be checked under the loading conditions specified in 5. For a mechanism that is classified in group M8, the choice of ropes and winding diameters shall be based on group M8. Bolts required to transmit a load from one part of a mechanism to another alternatively, to transmit a load between a mechanism and a part of the crane structure shall comply with the requirements of ; clause 13 of Part 1: The stress concen- tration factors K b and K q are to be taken from established reference works.

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It should be noted that there will often be overriding regulations or other limitations on factors of safety for crane ropes, and also that the provisions in this standard presuppose regular inspection and discard criteria in accordance with established recommendations.

The general phenomenon is denoted ‘notch sensitivity’. Capacities are bd off in line with RIO series. Their committees work with the manufacturing and service industries, vs, businesses and consumers to facilitate the production of British, European and International standards.

Similar effects may occur during braking or collision. When considering durability, the loading combinations appropriate to normal operating conditions shall be considered. When the driving unit of a travel or traverse mechanism has been selected to give high accelerations, the torque transmitted by the mechanism may be be by skidding of the wheels on the rails.

Full text of “Safety British Standards”

Where a static rope is not clearly associated b a particular mechanism, the minimum coefficient of utilization, Z pshall be taken as that corresponding to the hoist mechanism of the appliance.

References 2 D, Gearing 20 3. We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs.

Where components of a mechanism are brought into use for only part of the time that the mechanism as a whole is in motion, the components can be designed for a shorter service life to take this into account. In addition, adequate allowances shall be made for the effective losses in section due to keyways, splines, etc.

This appendix outlines a method of determining the fatigue reference stress for a component detail. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the prior permission in writing of BSI. In the absence of such information regarding 2573–2 duty of the appliance, ah assumed daily utilization time shall be used.

BS 2573-2:1980

Case 1 loading conditions specified in 5. Loads due to the dead weight of the mechanism or component. B Loads due to collision with resilient buffers. It is an important responsibility of the designer and manufacturer to ensure that torque values are correctly and appropriately quantified so that mechanism will perform as required in the service environment for the intended life.

Bearing pedestals and mountings shall be capable of transmitting the load from 273-2 bearing to the supporting structure, suitable provision being made for cases where the resultant load is not acting as a compression load on a bedplate. The equivalent design load derived from case 1 load combinations is obtained either by multiplying the maximum loading arising in a cycle of operation by the spectrum factor given in clause 4 or by using the methods specified in the individual gear standard or code to assess the uniform load equivalent of the operating cycle.


When forces and torques in hoisting mechanisms are calculated, proper consideration should be given to the dynamic behaviour of the system having regard to the starting and braking characteristics of the drive unit, to the acceleration or deceleration of the hook load and the mechanism which may, 25773-2, be negligible in some casesto frictional effects, and to the effects of flexibility in the system as a whole.

Any pre-loading arrangements shall also be considered. Whereas in the case of crane structures there was considerable affinity with the fields of steel girder bridges and the use of structural steel in building which, to some extent, determined the analytical treatment, crane mechanisms involve specialized empirical design and bd can arise in the selection of proprietary components for which there is little precedent in other British Standards.

Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. Einteilung, Spannungsberechnungen und Konstruktion von Ausruestungsteilen. The material for shafts shall be selected from steels having suitable physical properties for the duty required. The surface finish factor is dependent on the ultimate tensile stress of the material and the machining process used in manufacture.

Failure of mechanism components represents a hazard of varying importance and can lead to consequential damage and cost which may be considerable. In general, components shall be required not to fail under extreme loading conditions that are 25732 to occur occasionally during service.

States of loading of mechanisms 3 4.