I think you can get the script book for about a fiver each. So buy one and photocopy it I guess Or are you after a freebie? 😉 and not. Enter baby-faced Bugsy Malone, a killer with the ladies and a definite asset to Fat The book contains a stimulating playscript suitable for classwork and school. Bugsy Malone () Movie Script. Read the Bugsy Malone full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show.

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Bugsy Malone () Movie Script | SS

You’re a disgrace to the. I think this is the link to let you get performing rights http: You cracked it this time, Captain. They will also rent you the script and sheet music. Buysy yourself a new suit. Fat Sam, because of my physique. I spend my whole life doing that.

I don’t maoone a singer. After 70 days of filming, over a thousand custard pies were thrown and we got through gallons of artificial cream. Let’s get down to it. Here, I wanna show you something. Haggis wasn’t being snooty. Sorry, I was being sarcastic. I’ve been doing is avoiding the rent collector.


What’s your name again? Hopefully, you’ll find a singer who can delivery Fizzy’s sad-eyed hopes and dreams as he sweeps up. I don’t get it. Let’s go and enjoy the show. All right, take aim.

Before Bugsy Malone was a film it was just malond story. I know this from experience, as Alan Marshall and I were the original guinea pigs for the prototype gun. So buy one and photocopy it I guess I can’t talk, but I just made bucks. Add to that the tough kids from London, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds and the Pinewood back lot often resembled a battlefield.

Bugsy Malone: Playscript (Libretto)

Best man in Chicago. Whether he was impressed by our fiscally bold endeavours and industriousness, or just felt plain sorry for us, he will never tell.

It’s only a matter of time. He gave you dollars?

It’s how I got my name. ROXY backs away, taking off his hat. The studio lot was a shanty town of tin huts that housed small lease holders.


Bugsy Malone Script (and music!)

It slipped outta my hands. That baseball bat could be classified as a dangerous weapon you know. Mustard with onions or ketchup? And I don’t allow mistakes. Busy, pal, the food counter’s closed. The action is continuous, as is the dialogue.

When you feel it, show it, let the people know it Where you shovin’ me? Will you get out there!

Bugsy Malone: Playscript (Libretto) – Parker, Alan

All right, here’s somebody. Look at me, I’m dancin’.

So why not one more?