First, you need to install the following prerequisites. A running installation of Windows NT with Service Pack 6. GPL Ghostscript version 32 bit. Get it here. Set the Bullzip PDF Printer option as the default printer before accessing the hosted application and print as normal (If there is no Bullzip PDF Printer available in. BullZip PDF Printer é um programa desenvolvido por Bullzip. Acesse e Um tal de Ghostscript Lite, e ele diz q só funciona corretamente se vc fizer o download.

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Xmp’ on 64 bit systems. Normally you do not need to change these settings from their default values. Distributing GPL Ghostscript Instead of running the Ghostscript installation program every time you want to install the printer driver on a new computer you hgostscript make the Bullzip PDF Printer setup program distribute the files needed to run Ghostscript on the target computer.

More paper sizes added. Fix for job names on printer queue when sending output to another printer.


The external program will receive the file name of the settings file as a parameter. GUI now supports creation of image formats.

Free PDF Printer

Now supports re-distilling of bullzkp PDF documents. The setup program will look for a folder called GS next to where the setup program is placed on your hard drive or network folder.

Problem with diagonal strange black dots should be solved. Improved support for file names with regional characters in the Merge function.

Serbian added as new language. Text extraction was improved. Some print jobs looked different when comming from a shared printer. Handles error where a configuration with ghostscrjpt encrypted password is moved to another machine. First you ghosscript the Excel file from the link below. There is no major technical difference between the two products.

Option dialog reported a runtime error 91 when closed. When Setup is silent the wizard and the background window are not displayed but the installation progress window is. In the current version you can change the Title, the Creator and the Author settings.

PDF Printer on Windows NT

MergePosition If you specify a merge file this parameter will determine the position of current PDF output in the merged result. Encoding of setup texts fixes the display of garbage. This documentation will try to describe the installation and usage of the PDF Printer driver. Instructs Setup to suppress message boxes. Swedish, Slovenian, Urdu Commercial distiller now uses Flate image compression by default.


The problems we want to address in a network rollout are the following: Installs on Windows Server Preview 4. Fixes for systems without support for 8.

EXE parameter names are no longer case sensitive. Setting suppresserrors is default set to no. Uninstall no longer removes additional printers.

Bullzip Utility Source

The documentation is a changing document and your input is appreciated. This thread is locked. Support for Windows 8 Consumer Preview 64 bit x A fully qualified pathname must be specified. Available targets are screen, ebook, printer, prepress and default.

If it’s very silent it will reboot without asking. Support for debug mode in print monitor.