Read “My Wonderful World Of Slapstick” by Buster Keaton with Rakuten Kobo. Over half century ago the society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Review: My Wonderful World of Slapstick by Buster Keaton, Charles Samuels. Ernest Callenbach. FILM QUART Vol. 13 No. 3, Spring, (p. 62) DOI: /. An intimate, personal story of Buster Keaton’s private and professional life.

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We had just invented the half -strangling routine which hun- dreds of comics have been using ever since. But this didn’t stop the flag coming up. Of course, it was impossible then to make a fortune overnight in show business. Wherever he walked on a stage somebody out front was sure to say quite audibly, “My God!

Everybody loved her wonderfup her cheerfulness and boundless generosity. An even tougher assignment came one night when we had to compete with a freshly killed corpse.

It would have been nice to hear about his later career, but Keaton chalks up his choices to a need for money.

My Wonderful World of Slapstick

Everybody did the usual. Although the theatrical profession was the first to break through the color line, throughout my boyhood and youth you never saw whites and Negroes on a stage at the same time.

Sometimes he said he would sing a ekaton song. He had just been given the brushoff by the town beauty, an indignity that angered me more than it did Lex himself.

With each step I took, the audience screamed, expecting the rub- ber rope to break and snap against his head. Arriving at the theatre, Pop was depressed to find the long line of waiting peo- ple, seated on camp chairs, being entertained on the street by buskers, including a juggler, a troupe of three acrobats, keatoj car- ried their own rug to work on, keatoh a singer with a guitar accom- panist. He and ownderful partner, Mr. So after seeing us off, Pop had to cope with a mob of Whitechapel Willies, Lambeth Louies, and other men who looked as though they had been sleeping on the Embankment.


When we came off, Kelly and Blanche Ring, who were also on the bill, both advised Pop to tone down on the rough routines. I missed the peach, but the brick fell on my head, splitting it open. There wasn’t really a time when he wasn’t working.

But I did take it easy. Wlnderful of the Golden Age of Hollywood, directly from Buster himself. There was nothing mysterious about this. A urobila som len dobre. Lists with This Book.

I also knocked him over the footlights with the aid of my whirling basketball. It was the one time that I wished I was Al Jolson who could hold any audience spellbound for hours whenever he felt like it.

My Wonderful World of Slapstick by Buster Keaton

It’s an amazing life history. The irony of this was that the do-gooders got us slappstick the end, because we’d played a benefit show for a charity. He got to the room in time, gathered up our stuff and threw it out of the window and saved everything.

He had one of his coolies stab her husband to get her into his power. Soon after, he was let go by MGM.


My Wonderful World Of Slapstick

The smile with which she bewitched audiences was half grimace. Naive and innocent in tone, Keaton tells so little about his personal life, he doesn’t even give his real name, but simply relates the story about how Harry Houdini, a friend of the family, dubbed him “Buster” after he fell down the stairs as a toddler. Keaton has quite an interesting relationship with Charlie Chaplin.

But once Nora became so incensed on hearing he was taking more than a fatherly interest keeaton a certain young chorus girl that she changed their billing to: I had no trouble sleeping through the morning and played night and day with the act from then on. It is difficult, of course, for a man of my age to say with certainty what he felt and thought and wanted as a little ldd.

I had read” tempest in a flat hat” and enjoyed it immensely but I wanted to hear what Buster had to say and I was not disappointed. For several years she and Jack Norworth, whom she married and teamed up with, worod the greatest man-and-woman act in the business. Time passed, and so did my money. One of my favorite silent actors. Jul 27, Shannon added it. As soon as he could manage it Pop had Louise in the act with the rest of us.