Assurance. Assurance Introduction and Assurance Program · Assurance Details: How can I get CAcert Assurance Points (APs)?. TTP – Trusted Third Party; WoT/CAP – Web of Trust and CAcert Assurance Program; Getting Points at Big Events; Becoming an Assurer; Getting. All you need to know about CAcert Assurance Points FAQ/ CAcert community is here you need a RSS newsfeed of CAcert wiki updates.

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In this way, the policy documents and Arbitration work hand-in-hand: In addition, certificates generally include some information about the user, such as the name or email address.

Also you should be able to give the bonafide member a quick overview about and at least the two essential topics within CCA: A 2nd form, that can also be used and includes several lines for name variations in different ID documents you can find at https: These names are often used by an individual in preference to their formal names eg “Bill Gates”. As of April 15,I have made 73 face-to-face assurances and been assured by 39 others.

There is no fail for this. I encourage you to visit their FAQ pages.

I have attended several of their meetings. You are personally responsible for this and in the mutual assurance with a non-Assurer, you remain responsible! Code signing authorisation may be requested. June 15th to June 14th Date of birth don’t get confused by the different formats all over the world.

It is often good to point out why Arbitration works for CAcert: What kind of job he is doing. In case of an arbitration, the Arbitrator can request required infos from the Assurer. For example, a Finnish driver’s license presented to an Australian Assurer at an event in Chile! Although under some codes of law and naming customs the hyphen is considered non-optional, it is optional under common-law tradition cacert’s family of lawand our global community has many customs.


Caxert is the primary one you make to the community, as part of our overall Assurance process, or web-of-trust. Check your input twice if the formats are the same on the form, the documents and the web interface.

Please consider adding at least effective date and perhaps version number not just copyright to each one. See my ” TTP Assurance ” section below for details.

Assurance Details

If you deviate from these procedures you should take care of documenting very comprehensible sometimes Arbitrators can be really dumb! Otherwise some not too crowded pub would be a nice place. What about that CAP form? Postal Service, and Verisign. So you should be able to give at least some basic information about CAcert itself.

One day soon, she will be. These points will have to wait for a future system enhancement. This means that anyone in the community may rely on your statement. CAP forms contain personal data, so the requester has to be authorized to see them and you have to make sure that no-one else can read that data. asxurance

AssuranceHandbook2 – CAcert Wiki

This makes sense where a local or specialised community might have a better understanding of their own conventions and rules, where international affairs make it impractical to choose a neutral or cost-effective court, and where the real natures of the disputes do not justify the expense of the courts and especially the lawyers.

Axsurance usage of different cases is very unusual or could indicate abuse, a dispute should be filed to clarify the specific case. For several reasons some deviations of this preferred standard are accepted. Dates Dates – assurancr magic 8 numbers That is, you think there is something wrong, such as some of the documents are false or inconsistent.


Write down any additional names on the accert. Questions Answered Ruling on multiple accounts Respondent has multiple accounts. I’ve tried to unravel this from the contents of the certificate, above. The ambition is to have only a Name in the account which has no abbreviation sno transliteration cacerr is case sensitive.

Especially, as CAcert provides certificates making statements about people across the world, it is highly likely that any lawsuit would be filed in a country far away. For CAcert, look for the relying party statement and then look at the Assurance Policy to see what the source of that information is.

What is a certificate A certificate in this context is a “document” containing a public key, some information about the owner of this key, and a signature from a Certification Authority “CA”. Don’t mix it with the password quality points. Because you are the Assurer, you are totally responsible for the results. Concentrate on the essentials, and be prepared to compromise on detail.

Cqcert conference was be Novin Seattle, WA. For asxurance full-points Assurance, at adsurance one government-issued photo ID containing the name and date of birth must be verified by the Assurer.

CAcert can not and will not enforce every aspects of national laws and customs.

Initials are deprecated, but are currently tolerated, so if the said person would use the name “Bernhard A. With sufficient assurances, a Member may: The Junior Member asks an Assurer to assure him.

If unsure, copy down alternates. What can I do with a certificate?