Cain’s Book has ratings and 33 reviews. MJ said: Trocchi’s final and most fêted work (apart from the odds-and-ends poetry shambles, Man at Leisure, a. So begins Cain’s Book, Alexander Trocchi’s incredible novel of existential dread. Young Adam, its predecessor, is better known, but the latter is. Written in America while Trocchi was working on a scow on the Hudson River, Cain’s Book is an extraordinary autobiographical account about a junky’s life, and .

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One minute it’s a quasi-memoir, the next a meandering dissertation about freedom, with the plot picked up and dropped like a used firework.

Cain’s Book by Alexander Trocchi

I read a few bits and pieces. Find Rare Books Book Value. I would say it was just alright.

The closest thing to a Situationist novel in existence. I enjoyed the parts of the book with more plot and story, like the memories of his father and his interactions with other junkies, but I boom bored every time Trocchi waxed poetic about his drug use.

Retrieved 15 July Preview — Cain’s Book by Alexander Trocchi. It’s a portrait of a man who is floating between what culture wants him to be, and the refusal of that society. Cai to foreedges, internally clean, no ownership markings, binding tight.


The junky genius of Alexander Trocchi

Other than a little bit vain slang, it didn’t seem that dated to me. Feb 27, Tim rated it it was ok. He had two gifts.

You shelve the problem when you think in those terms. It was short but not too short—50, words—the perfect length for a book, as Poe has said, to finish off in one sitting. Jul 01, Lance Grabmiller rated it it was amazing.

In the top bunk the Italian was sobbing. At the moment we are encouraging ignorance, legislating to keep crime trocci existence, caain preparing the way for one of the most heinous usurpations of power of all times. French Connection 2, Panic in Needle Park, Trainspotting, the dirty cottons of William Burroughs’ oeuvre, and so on, nod off along various parts of this continuum and we know every station of this cross.

Perhaps in too many personal ways to give it an impartial review This was the sixties and in the sixties there was a particular kind of writer—the Grove Press writer.

The junky genius of Alexander Trocchi | Books | The Guardian

Trovchi smoke opium is to leave the train en route; to concern ourselves with other things than life, than death. Merlin trocvhi on for 3 years and during that time established a bit of reputation—for the quality of the writing and the brilliant–and brilliantly erratic–behavior of the editor.

Next day dispatch by Royal Mail in recyclable packaging. Tight with the Paris Review crowd, The Situationists, the porn group at Olympia, and drug addict galore.


It positively drowns us in nook word of unremitting absurdity and booi. He wanted to write and in view of this, in his opinion, Scotland was a loser.

Geo was in the bottom bunk. Once in Paris two things happened. The red cloth cover is in near fine condition. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. But Cain’s Book actually takes the reader one step further into the philosophical world of existential angst than any of them.

Much has been written of its this and that existential themes or insights, commentary on art and writing etc.

This book wasn’t at all what I expected. Used – Very Good.

Cain’s Book

I went to the library to further investigate this Trocchi character but the pickings were slim. Sadly, Cain’s Book was his last.

He casts himself as beyond society, above laws and morals and wars and guilt. I have a horror of committing fraud.