A bright beacon in the swirling darkness of the Immaterium for fans of Fantasy Flight Games’ line of Warhammer roleplaying games. living in the latter half of M41 in the Calixis sector. Calixis Sector is an Imperial sector located on the fringes of . map, even within the borders of the sector. The Calixis Sector has many heavily populated and important worlds, but it lies a great Efforts to map these have been hampered by adverse conditions.

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That means spinward and trailing only have a meaning in relation to their exact location in the arm. Cross post it here! I’m going to try to do so later.


I had to replace ALL the images with links. Posted January 22, The Gorgonid is a vast open mine hundreds of metres deep. Far from being an animalistic species, the Whisperers — if the insane rantings of a few, surviving silence walkers can be trusted — are a complex and ancient culture, tunnelling under the crust of Sentinel and only occasionally crawling to the surface.

This captive, intrigued audience may, of course, be why the captains have allowed this curious behaviour to develop. Not all of us are continuously connected. It is a wasteland on the surface above the mine, dominated by titanic heaps of rock spoil and other trash.

Sign in Already have an account? Space is running out on Prol IX leading to a vicious schism within the ranks of the Decatalogues.

The rumours talk of an ancient, insectoid race called the Whisperers, which lives, shelters and breeds in deep tunnels under the dry earth.


Blades produced under gravitic circumstances on the Lathes are considered holy and special. Your input is helpful.

Barons and off-worlders are sometimes known to frequent the Tumble, every one of them eager to hide their aclixis. No one can remember the origination of this curiously theatrical practice, though it may be down to the whim of the twin captains.

Sepheris Secundus is a world of immense mineral wealth, city-sized mines, billions-strong hordes of serfs and the sharpest divide between the elites and the masses in the Calixis Sector.

Calixis Sector – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Judging by the sector locations, it seems possibly incorrect? The economic degeneracy of Vaxanide results in it being a generally lawless, dangerous Frontier Worldespecially beyond the precincts of the central hive city, Vaxanhive.

It is, in a sense, an alternate reality or parallel dimension in which the laws of time and space are different from those of our own universe.

The general multitudes shun the Tricorn Palace, regarding it as a place of fear, peril and downright evil, though largely this is because the average citizen has no real grasp of the work and duties of the conclave.

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Inside, the cathedral is just as eector. Hundreds of rickety elevators scale the cliffs and the rock column on which the palace stands, and the hovels of ferrymen and fishermen cling to the rock face like barnacles. The Incorporation is famous for the small army of clerks it employs to keep the records of its thralls. I will go with your suggestion of ccalixis days travel in system. To symbolise this, they all have a body part replaced, usually a hand or facial feature.

  1764 LRP PDF

I got the map off of someone else’s hard drive. That puts coreward, which was at the right side of the map, at the bottom of the map, and flips everything helter skelter. A world will experience a violent period of upset and revolution prior to its appearance. If I recall the reason that you must jump from the out side of the system is because of the small possibility that you might come out of the warp INSIDE of a planet.

Can I find this file anywhere else?

Now, however, she is getting old. It also makes a lot more sense because I was getting all twisted sectkr. Many speculate that the planet is governed by some deep-seated system that combs out what it perceives to be the elderly.

Those who survive to illicitly sell a few handfuls of ore fare well compared to most.

The degenerate cwlixis populace of this planet worship the ruined hulk of an Imperial Battlecruiser. Other citizens sift through the rock thrown up by the drilling to pick out precious stones, which are then worked into industrial components, or cut for jewellery in workshops inhabited by generations of gemcutters considered a hereditary occupation on Ambulon.