Callanta Criminal Law 1 Notes – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Codal and Notes in CRIMINAL LAW BOOK I by RENE CALLANTA. December 5, CRIMINAL LAW Reviewer ยท December 5, Callanta Notes Criminal Law 2 Reviewer Elements and Notes in Criminal Law Book II by RENE CALLANTA and ORTEGA TITLE ONE.

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That at the time of the assault the person in authority or his agent a is engaged in the actual performance of official duties motive is not essentialor that he is assaulted b by reason of the past performance of official duties motive is essential.

Toll is a sum of money for the use of something. The crime remains to callanha a violation of the anti hi-jacking law, but the penalty thereof shall be higher because a passenger or complement of the aircraft had been killed.

Inciting to sedition Art.

Note that delivery of the arrested person to the proper authorities does not mean physical delivery or turn over of arrested person to noes court. That he has legally procured a search warrant c. The crimes in this title are in the nature of fraud or falsity to the public.

Lawful obedience to a de facto government. He presented this ticket to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office. In both instances, the offenders intend to substitute themselves in place of those who are in power. A special assessment is levied only on land. Distribution of copies 3 days before the 3rd reading.

Counterfeiting, importing and uttering instruments not payable to bearer Art. Inciting to war or giving motives for reprisals Art.

Callanta Notes Criminal Law 2 Reviewer

That he is serving his sentence which consists in deprivation of liberty destierro included c. A certain customer in a restaurant wanted to show off and used a P The government promises nothing to the person taxed beyond what maybe anticipated from an administration of the laws for callanya general good.


It is permanent or temporary depending on whether the person is a citizen or an alien.

It requires as principal offender a member of the AFP or of the PNP organization or a public officer with or without civilian support.

But if such prisoner knows of the plot to remove him from jail and cooperates therein by escaping, he csllanta becomes liable for delivering prisoners from jail as a principal by indispensable cooperation.

Callanta Notes Criminal Law 2 Reviewer – Free Download PDF

Detention for more than 6 months. It is an immunity or privilege; it is freedom from a financial charge or burden to which others are subjected. Thank you for interesting in our services. Meaning of public morals: When a person is arrested without a warrant, it means that there is no case filed in court yet. Not long ntoes, the Supreme Court, in Enrile v.

TAX REVIEWER GENERAL PRINCIPLES: BY: Rene Callanta | Patricia Largo –

Falsification is the commission of any of the eight acts mentioned in Xallanta on legislative only the act of making alterationpublic or official, commercial, or private documents, or wireless, or telegraph messages. If the unlawful act was callatna or homicide committed under circumstance of lawlessness or contempt of authority, the crime would be direct assault with murder or homicide, as the case may be.

One day, B was apprehended by A, telling him that he was driving carelessly. That each one of the obligor be bound principally, and that he be at the same time a principal creditor of the other. It requires the uniform application and operation, without discrimination, of the tax in every place where the subject of the tax is found.

Arrest can be made without a warrant because this is a continuing crime. There could be direct assault if the offender killed the judge callahta because the judge is so strict in the fulfillment of calanta duty. And where the statute or ordinance in question applies equally to all persons, firms and corporations placed in a similar situation, there is no infringement of the rule on equality.


Misa Periods of Detention penalized: It can be committed by a single act or by a series of acts.

Take testimony of persons 6. The only point of distinction between the two crimes lies on whether the offender is the custodian of the prisoner or not at the time the prisoner was made to escape. Thereafter, she tried to avoid him. However, if the offender had no such criminal intent, but in the course of his speech, tempers went high and so the speaker started inciting the audience to rise in sedition against the government, the crime is disturbance of the public order.

Since the caklanta is of foreign registry, under the law, simply usurping or seizing control callantx enough as long as the aircraft is within Philippine territory, without the requirement that it be in flight. If the arrest is made without a warrant, this constitutes an unlawful arrest.

The legal obstacle for the application of Article 48, therefore, has been vallanta.

Arbitrary Detention Detention is illegal from the beginning. Delay in the delivery of detained persons to the proper judicial authorities Art. The rule on strict interpretation does not apply in the case of exemptions in favor of a political subdivision or instrumentality of the government. When this adherence or sympathies are converted into aid and comfort, only then notse take material forM.