Review: Publication date: Recommended citation: Global Invasive Species Database () Species profile: Callithrix penicillata. Downloaded. Descriptions and articles about the Black Tufted-ear Marmoset, scientifically known as Callithrix penicillata in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview;. Black-pencilled marmosets are found in the Neo-tropical gallery forests of the Brazilian Central Plateau. They live along the Brazillian coast ranging from Bahia .

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Offspring are weaned at 8 weeks and then taught to search for food. Black-pencilled marmosets are diurnal and live in groups of 2 to 14, which typically consist of a reproductive couple and their offspring.

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Black-tufted marmoset – Wikipedia

Cross-fostering between two species of marmosets Callithrix jacchus and Callithrix penicillata. They also appear to be migratory, often moving in relation to the wet or dry seasons, however, the extent of their migration is unknown. It typically lives in family groups of 2 to In Rio de Janeiro Statewhere it was introduced alongside the common marmosetit is considered as an invasive species posing a danger to the survival of the endangered golden lion tamarin through competition.

Geographic Range Black-pencilled marmosets are found in the Neo-tropical gallery forests of the Brazilian Central Plateau. Callithrix Penicillata ” On-line.

There are no known adverse affects of black-pencilled marmosets on humans. The black-tufted marmoset diet consists primarily of tree sap which it gets by nibbling the bark with its long lower incisors.

Black-tufted marmoset

Black-pencilled marmosets use a series of predator-specific vocalizations as well as visual scanning in their antipredation strategies. Predator-specific vocalizations and visual scanning are its only anti-predation techniques. Black-pencilled marmosets do not have an opposable thumb and their nails tend to have a claw-like appearance. Twins are very common among this species and the males, as well as juvenile offspring, often assist the female in the raising of the young. They also act as parasites of other species of trees because they create sores in the trees in order to extract sap, while not positively affecting the tree in any way.


Roosmalens’ dwarf marmoset C. This page was last edited on 29 Septemberat The communication of black-pencilled marmosets has not been fully studied, however, it is believed that they communicate mostly through vocalizations. The Animal Diversity Web is an educational resource written largely by and for college students. The black-tufted marmoset is a mutualist with many species of fruit trees because it distributes the seeds from the fruit it consumes throughout the forests.

Callithrix penicillata – UWDC – UW-Madison Libraries

Callithrix penicillata black-pencilled marmoset Facebook. Miranda and Faria, The marmosets’ undersides are black with a gray abdomen.

Large birds of prey are the greatest threat to the black-tufted marmoset, however, snakes and wild cats also pose a danger to them. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Retrieved 11 January Boudet, ; Elliot, ; Ca,lithrix and Faria, Biogeographic Regions neotropical native Habitat Black-pencilled marmosets live in rainforests, usually residing high in the trees, under the canopy.

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The marmosets reach sexual maturity at approximately 18 months old. Black-pencilled marmosets also use scent marking, though it is unclear whether this is a form of communication, as many different family groups simply ignore the markings that another family group has left. Their tail is ringed with black and white and is not prehensile, but is used for balance. It has known predator-specific cries and appears to vocalize frequently outside of predator cries.

It is also used in zoo exhibits and dallithrix research. A Primatologia penivillata Brasil Though this marmoset is not a main food source to any specific species, it is a food source to a number of different species, specifically large birds of prey, wild cats, and snakes.


A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference 3rd ed. There is considerable parental investment by this species, with both parents, as well as older juveniles, helping to raise the young. Extant species of family Callitrichidae.

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Black-pencilled marmosets are found in the Neo-tropical gallery forests of the Brazilian Central Plateau. This marmoset typically resides in rainforestsliving an arboreal life high in the trees, but below the canopy. It reproduces twice a year, producing 1 to 4 offspring, though most often just twins.

Black-pencilled marmosets are mutualists with many tree species, dispersing seeds of the fruit that they consume. They are characterized by the black tufts around their ears. Black-pencilled marmosets live in rainforests, usually residing high in the trees, under the canopy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Management of the species in its invaded habitat has included proposals for sterilization pejicillata reproductive-age individuals, relocation, and public awareness campaign for prevention of further releases. It typically has some sparse white hairs on its face. Black-pencilled marmosets breed twice a year and produce between 1 and 4 offspring, however they generally have twins. However, it is a parasite on other species of trees because it creates sores in trees in order to extract sap, while offering no apparent benefit to the trees.

Retrieved from ” https: The life-span of a wild black-pencilled marmoset is unknown, however the average lifespan in captivity is 15 years. They appear to have predator-specific cries when they are threatened and have many vocalizations in addition to predator warnings.