18 Likes, 0 Comments – E r i K a P r e g n o l a t o (@erikapregnolato) on Instagram: “” capirsi al primo sguardo “#photoofthemorning #photography # photo. Linguaggio del corpo 1. Cos’è la psicosomatica e Capirsi al primo sguardo ( Fisiognomica – Psicosomatica -semiotica. Fisiognomica – Valerio. sguardo – Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum. Il principe volse lo sguardo verso la bella contadina. al primo sguardo.

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We have to be prepared to give our best in the dark because it is important to film or photograph the course. Un abbraccio e ciao a tutti! Notify me of new posts by email.

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BBC documentary in Venezuala. Rifai le valigie e nostalgico pensi a quanti bei ricordi porterai a casa e quanto avrai da raccontare. Capifsi the collaboration goes better than with others. The affinity that grows with expedition members can decide the outcome of an expedition, the greater the spirit of adaptation, cooperation and understanding, the greater chance of achieving results and that is why when you share such an intense and exciting experience genuine friendships grow that neither time nor distance can divide.

After twenty days, certificate ceremony is fraught with emotion.

Any difficulties are felt more a team that has to live in symbiosis for 24 hours a day during the whole course, so we must have a strong understanding at first glance. Sometimes people on an expedition already know each other but most of the time they are strangers. You have to be willing to learn but also to give, you have to adapt to a frenetic pace, you have to work with people you are not familiar with and you have to communicate with people from other countries in different languages.


When the astronauts arrive it is exciting to see the great expectations for the adventure that is about to begin. New companions are like uncharted territory, they are to be discovered.

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Devi saper andare in grotta ma devi anche saper convivere per venti giorni a stretto contatto con gli altri, devi essere disponibile a imparare ma anche a dare, ti devi adattare ai ritmi frenetici, devi collaborare con persone con cui non sei abituato a lavorare e devi comunicare con chi parla una lingua diversa dalla tua e con chi viene da un altro paese.

I think the secret of the ARXO team is friendship and trust. Caving has led me to live very intense experiences far from every-day life and meet a wide variety of people. All fields are mandatory.

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The time has come to say goodbye to all our friends. We will meet again in September for the next edition! It is funny and I am often curious to know who I will be sharing a priom with or with whom you will conduct a survey. The course is long and tiring but it is also an opportunity to have fun and joke together.

Each year wonderful friendships are born and every year sguarrdo wait anxiously for the arrival of the astronauts. Time to pack up and with many nostalgic memories to retell.


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Sharing the discovery of a new gallery, being brave when you try to find your way out of a cave, shaking from the cold, sharing the little food left over when you are hungry, chatting to each ccapirsi during the long ascents back outside and eating with friends around the fire afterwards binds you strongly to your companions.

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Ci vediamo come sempre a Settembre alla wl edizione!!! The astronauts offer compliments but everyone knows the course is finished. Caves are not just a documentation exercise or an adventure but a way to meet new people and establish friendships.

You must know how to go in the cave but you must also know how to live together for twenty days in close contact. I started caving in without thinking that from that moment my life would change in a radical way. A hug and hello to everyone!