Carlos Xuma’s latest program “Power Social Skills” is a massive self-study kit to Power Social Skills includes a Reference E-book with 38 pages, BONUS. Product: Carlos Xuma – Power Social Skills Download Size: MB COST: US$ =Yours Free Author: Carlos Xuma Sales Page. Title: Carlos Xuma – Power Social Skills. Once you learn what they are, you can avoid being manipulated or hurt, and you can almost always get to a winning.

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I’m going to tell you all about this skill in a second, but first let me ask you a couple questions:. The 6 Secret Forms of Verbal Abuse – How they sabotage relationships, destroy connection, divert and destroy communication, and play with your self-esteem Power Social Skills by Carlos Xuma is not only In a class by itself ,I consider it the most insightful and interesting program I have ever purchased, well worth money and time.


And – even worse duma you start to feel like you can’t trust anybody, either You know – deep in your gut – that you needed to just push a little more for her number so that you could make that second meeting happen. If youve ever wanted to transform yourself from shy and socially awkward into an amazing social leader, youre about to learn information that will absolutely change your life.

Well, if you find yourself emotionally exhausted after dealing with a certain person in your life, and they leave you feeling worse than you did before you started talking with them, there’s a good chance this person is an emotional vampire. The 6 Rules of Engagement for all dysfunctional personality games How marketers and stores influence you to buy more products and spend more money with them every time you shop Hot-Button Theory and how you are manipulated by these automatic mechanisms even when you know about them The 4 Hidden Warning Signs of mental manipulation and game playing that you must notice Is customer service very responsive?


If you understand these basic social skills, you create a “template” within your mind that allows you to handle any relationship – with any person All his insight he has gathered in his helpful, magnificent program.

The type of emotional drainer that is the life of the party – and how you might miss their influence on you until it’s too late There are only 6 types of social game player personalities, and that’s ALL.

The funny thing was that when I pinned these ” social naturals ” down to help me out, most of them didn’t have the slightest idea they were using social strategies like this to manage game players and social manipulators. Defining Statements – what they are, how they sound, spcial how to respond to them The Social Skills Program was something I’ve been seeking forever, it seems.

Overall, you were the only one that took the initiative to create a slcial like this; nobody else had the solid balls.

The 3 Critical Questions to ask yourself to solve your manipulative dilemma – if you figure these out, no one can influence you against your carlks One of those rare teachers is Carlos Xuma, who besides being a great and accomplished man who commands respect from men and women alike, is also a ridiculously meticulous thinker. Fear, Obligation and Guilt.

Power Social Skills – Get Rid of Shyness – No More Social Anxiety!

Learn how to handle the game players and build REAL connections with people. Any Problem — Contact Me Please. The Hidden “Wear You Down” Game – how it works to trick you into buying – and why you won’t walk away from them The 7 Secret Manipulators that game players use to influence you I love how you talk about social skills on a general level rather than just pickup skills.

Recognition Hunger – what it is – how you’re secretly being manipulated by it all the time – And how to get to the core of this drive to de-fuse your potentially devastating social ticking time-bomb Carlos Xuma Sale Page: What they do, through some subtle – and sometimes not-so-subtle ppwer is put us in a position where we are forced to do something to avoid a nasty embarrassment of xkills kind.


When you get the program, take a listen through them right away.

How to recognize when your built-in emotional triggers are being used, and how to put your “safety” on No self-help book had anything like it, or any of the tape and CD programs I got.

The 7 Types of Games and Who Plays them How to Make Girls Chase. And that you can’t seem to connect with people the way you’d like. The 2 Types of Coping and the 9 Forms of Defense Mechanisms that we instinctually use to create social games – and how you can cut these reactions off in others so that you don’t have to get into manipulation For both me and you.

They steal your energy with any number of subtle maneuvers, most you don’t notice until you’re caught up in their game, and by then it’s too late. Because I knew if I could just get a look at the maze from above instead of being stuck IN it, I xuja find the solution. How to summon the courage you need in a group situation to stand up for yourself It should, because in nearly EVERY study performed on the happiestthe most successfulthe most fulfilled people in the world, they all came back with the same finding, time after time after time.

Learn the 4 Hidden Intentions that drive social games – who uses them – and when you learn them you’ll be able to manage any social conflict or tension situation