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The basic unit of the U. Full hull version with stand. English knights were some of the best warriors in Europe in the Middle Ages. Beacon set for MB Arocs by Tamiya It had a displacement of tons with a speed of 23 knots. For this reason, all weapons are located in the inner compartments, and a significant proportion of the aircraft structure is occupied by composite materials. This kit includes five unpainted plastic models of U.

Die Bombenbewaffnung besteht aus Freifallbomben mit einem Gewicht von kg bis kg. During the battle of Kursk salient in the summer of infantry divisions had been fighting jointly with the most up-to-date for that time armoured troops. Decal for Russian Air Force.

Commissioned as part of the 2nd Pacific fleet it participated briefly in the famous Tsushima battle in May With a speed like an aircraft, the Ekranoplan has ship-like carrying capacity. Vikings frightened Europe with awe with their swift and ruthless raids. The first flight occurred in early at the Gromov Flight Research Institute.


In the Roman Empire, the auyiliary infantry that had consisted of disjointed detachments each fighting according to its own tactics was formed into a single force and organized according to the principle of cohorts.

Carson Katalog Deutsch / Englisch – Planet-RC Modellbau Racing Shop

Bundled details for all Tamiya Truck Fans! The aircraft is built with the requirements of low radar visibility, and is able to reach supersonic speed without afterburner. The Yak is used as advanced trainer for 4th and 5th generation fighters.

It was a nightmare for the British sailors and admirality. This dismounted team includes a squad leader, an anti-armor specialist, a squad automatic weapon SAW gunner, and two soldiers equipped with M16A1 assault rifles.

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Jeder einzelne Bausatz zeichnet sich feine Details aus. The “Krusenstern” is the second largest sailing vessel still in operation. The Borodino battleship is the lead ship among the 5 battleships of the Borodino Class, which had been intended to be the backbone of the Pacifi c Ocean Fleet. In the ground attack version it can carry up to 3. Der Mi-8T kann aber auch eine Reihe von komplett ausgestatteten Truppen transportieren. The dive bomber Junkers Ju received its famous nickname “Stuka” from the German “Sturzkampfflugzeug” “dive bomber”.

In der Nacht zum 8. The main weapon of the triera was a copper bind ram, the extension of the keel beam. The emperor was impressed deeply with their excellent military bearing and craftsmanship. Nur 93 Maschinen wurden produziert. JavaScript scheint in Ihrem Browser deaktiviert zu sein. Mirror antennas CB radio antennas about 55mm Insgesamt wurden dieser Hubschrauber hergestellt. Such life-boats were placed on crusaders’ ships, cogs and other medieval ships.


The fighting towers were first put into use by Pyrrhus, the King Epirus. Der Jungfernflug des ersten Pe-8 Prototypen fand im Dezember statt. With these fi gures a testudo tortoise formation can be created.

Multirole Fighter Length of the model: Its vital parts are well protected against enemy fire. Hussar regiments were created by Frederick II following pattern of the Austrian light cavalry. The vehicle now had new engines and many feature; were improved.

Truck catalog Tamiya / Carson edition 1. June 2016

It is equipped with advanced electronic and radar devices, which permit operation at any time of the day and under any weather conditions. The “Sovremenny” class was com-missioned in and several ships of this class are still in service with the Russian Navy.

Tamiya Scania Highline R 6×4, 3-axis. Decals for 2 Russian units. A set of miniatures of the legendary Scandinavian pirate warriors.