Application guidelines. Maneurop® reciprocating compressors. MT / MTZ. 50 – 60 Hz – R22 – RA – RA/C/F – Ra. Danfoss Commercial Compressors Online Datasheet Generator . instalación y aplicación de para compresores Maneurop MT, MTZ y LTZ. Guías de Aplicación . 5 Danfoss does not authorise the use of hydrocarbons in Maneurop® MT/MTZ The Maneurop® MT compressor is de-.

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The design of the electrical equipment depends on the actual compressor design.

No attempt must be made to start the compressor without a complete starting device. Dejar un comentario Cancelar respuesta. The system components must not contain mineral oil or greasy substances.

No high potential test nor start tests must be carried out while the compressor is under vacuum. The compressor designations are built up according to the following system: The code numbers for the mounting accessories are specified in the individualcompressor datasheets.

Electricalcomponents are packed in separate boxes. Moisture andImpuritiesJuly CK. At stable operation conditions the condensing temperature must not exceed F 60C. Aplicaciones en Mecatronica Para Compresores Documents. Hola amigo quiero que por tu medio me ayudes porfa tengo una refrigeradora marca Mabe Modelo MQ17ZLEM bueno a esta refri se le aruino el relay PTC y el problema que tengo compresorse la informacion en la placa del compresor esta borrosa ya no se distingue bien por lo que no se comom podria hacer para comprarle el repuesto quisiera que me ayudes compersores.


The compressors can be supplied with the following motor systems: The maximum refrigerant charge is specified in the individual datasheets.

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LBP F 54,4C 2. The compressors can also beused for Heavy Duty purposes at low evaporating temperatures for use in refrigerators, freezersand similar applications operating in regions with unstable supply voltage. Danfoss compressors have a manufacturing date code stamping on the housing. Compressors with denominations ending with FT are F-types designed for low evaporationtemperatures LBP Low Back Pressure for use in refrigerators, freezers and similar applica-tions operating in regions with unstable supply voltage.

This starting device is normally used in well-designed refrigeratingsystems with capillary tube as throttling device. Tambien se me ocurrio lo siguiente: Saludo y muy util la explicacion dada.

Por experiencia propia tengo saber la capacidad del compresor tomando como referencia sus dimenciones: Compresores Formato Para Mca Documents. Compressors with denominations ending with FK are F-types designed for low evaporationtemperatures with LST starting characteristics capillary tube.

If these limitations cannot be complied with, the risk may be reduced if a crankcase heater isproperly used or if a pump down system is established. Performer Compresores scroll Sencillos, 20 a kW 50 – 60 Hzweb. Compressors with denominations ending with GK are G-types designed for high evaporatingtemperatures with LST starting characteristics capillary tube. The same size of capillary tube as used for R12 can be used at high evaporating tempera-tures.

This can be done by using well-dimensioned condenser surfaces and by ensuringgood ventilation around the compressor under all operating conditions.

Aceites Para Compresores Carlyle Documents. Hola, la idea es que tenga una puerta vertical, y una pared que enfrie. Aceites Shell Para Compresores Documents. Soldering problems caused by oil in the connectors can be avoided by placing the compressoron its baseplate some time before soldering it into the system.


Quantities per pallets are specified in the individual datasheets. En todo caso ando estudiando este tema ya que me confundo mucho. Buenas tardes Gracias Alfredo.

Buenas tardes es Ruben Rodriguez desde Venezuela, tengo un problema que es el siguiente, tengo dznfoss nevera Whilpool mod: These limitations secure protection of valves, gaskets, oil, and motor insulation1.

Compressors with denominations ending with FX are F-types designed for low evaporationtemperatures with HST starting characteristics expansion valve. Recomendaciones Para Despresurizacion de Compresores Documents. Thewinding temperature must not exceed F C. The compressor must never beplaced upside down when mounting the rubber grommets in the adnfoss.

On some compressorproduction lines the stamping has been changed to needle printing into the side of the housing.

valvula solenoide danfoss pdf

If the same vacuum pump is to be used for R12 and Ra systems, a special Ester oil mustbe used in agreement with the pump supplier. Approval markings appear on a separate approvalmark label. Only the refrigerant amount which is necessary for the system to functionmust be charged.

El tipo Danfossson compresores que mirando de arriba, son redondos.