Victaulic is a global manufacturing leader of mechanical pipe joining & pipe union products offering durable, money & time saving pipe connectors (grooved. View & download Victaulic content files for BIM piping software including Autodesk – AutoCAD 2D, 3D Blocks & Plant 3D; Autodesk – Revit MEP; Autodesk . Victaulic catalogs online. Download PDF or save as a collection. Find Victaulic general product catalog for grooved pipe fittings & couplings, valves, adapters.

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Catalogo Victaulic

External drive, minimum 1 vvictaulic Drive Speed: May be used for food. Denotes JIS pipe size. Often pipe in the T6 tempered state cracks when roll grooved, depending upon the pipes mechanical properties, which vary from pipe to pipe. When used with Victaulic Series butterfly valves, vicgaulic pipe or light wall metallic pipe, small teeth in I.

Couplings are designed to be used with plain end pipe and Victaulic plain end fittings only. Published on Oct View Download A spring-assisted, single disc design is used on Series check valves, which can vuctaulic installed in the horizontal or vertical position. As the housing segments are tightened, the resilient elastomeric gasket conforms to the internal cavity of the housing and is further compressed, enhancing the gaskets seal against the pipe.

Headquartered in the US with catapogo in Canada, the Middle East, United Kingdom, China and Belgium, Victaulic works closely with facility owners, engineers and contractors, in the installation of systems that compress schedules, reduce risk, improve productivity and facilitate system maintenance and expansion.


Sizes shown are nominal DN sizes, except where actual mm sizes are shown.

B, C Pipe End Sep. The groove created removes less metal than threading. Victaulic Galvanized Product Line Documents. The unique angled pad design of Zero-Flex and other couplings provides positive clamping of the pipe to resist torsional and flexural loads.


Refer to Design Data for information on tolerances and pipe gap settings. The following list represents the current classifications on our products: ENG Victaulic Copper 1. The Grade E gasket is superior to previous gasket materials by all performance barometers, including high and low temperature limits, tensile cafalogo, chemical resistance and shelf life.

Anyone making use of the information or material contained herein does so at their own risk and assumes any and all liability resulting from such use.

Copies of specific standards can be obtained by contacting your local Victaulic representative, or by requesting publication Lubrication assists proper gasket installation. Manual or external drive, minimum hp.

Catalogo victaulic g 103

The double viictaulic shape of catxlogo sleeve provides high section modulus and strengthens the pipe joint. Depressurize and drain piping system before attempting to install, remove or adjust any Victaulic piping products.

But the basic concept hasnt changed. Vic AGS butterfly valves should never be installed without operators. Victaulic Depend-O-Lok couplings allowed for the expansion and contraction needed for this type of system while also reducing installation time and costs.


Victaulic Grooved End Fittings Documents. DesignReference should always be made to design information available at no charge on request from Victaulic. Other compatible material, such as silicone and others may be used on Grades E or L gaskets. Coupling installation is accomplished without the need for jacks, wedges, or sledge hammers. They cannot be used with volt service.

The small dimple created on interior pipe wall does not significantly hinder pressure or flow. With this ability to customize the coupling to the project specifications Victaulic Depend-O-Lok products are used on a wide variety of systems.

Working Pressure and End Load are total, from all vicfaulic and external loads, based on the indicated type of copper tubing, standard roll grooved in accordance with Victaulic specifications. The couplings will position the pipe ends so that there is a fixed pipe end separation that may be considered during design victauluc installation see chart below.

W13 11 Elbow sw No. Inches X Y Zkg Lbs. Their primary focus is on contaminants or impurities which may be imparted indirectly to drinking water.

These categories were established by the maximum ambient distribution temperature of unheated water for cold and a temperature well in excess of a scalding temperature for hot domestic water. The worldwide leader in mechanical pipe joining solutions.