Laboratory Manual The basic knowledge of CATIA v5 in the scope of files Open new folder named Core & Cavity Design and save CCDmodel CATIA. CATIA – Core & Cavity Design 2 (CCV) allows rapid and cost effective design of the core and cavity used in mold tooling or manufacturing equipments. i v problem with create a mold in catia. how can use “core and cavity design” and “mold design”. Manainader. 20 Oct, AM.

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Structure of the Molded Part: A planar face of the plate. The runner path is made of lines and arcs, that should be continuous in tangency.

You can for example snap the Compass to the local axis system of the Molded Part or code the Parting Surface, in order to drag it as required. The drilling of the Angle Pin is not correct: If the positioning elements are changed, the Components moves accordingly, using the constraints.

A simple component may be defined as a Part, but a complex component may be defined as a Product.

Core & Cavity Design

Select field To and pick the relevant plate or component. The preview is updated accordingly. Vatia function gives access to the definition dialog box of the component, enabling you to edit most its parameters defined: This can contain specific features: Parameters Display in Specification tree: Either by dragging this arc: Click on OK in the ‘Create a new mold’ dialog box for final validation of the mold base.


To view and edit if required the geometrical element point, face, plane to which the component is constrained, click button With, select the element in the window to highlight it and select the new geometrical element in the 3D viewer or in the specification tree.

Tutorial – Catia – Mold

Specification Tree Node Name: Delivery and Returns see our delivery rates and policies thinking of returning an item? It allows a quick and easy replacement without having to delete and create another element, for example to switch from one provider to another.

Editing Components You will see how to modify the definition of a component, how to fit its ccore to Core and Cavity requirements if needed, and how to delete or deactivate it in a way that ensures data consistency.

Additional information to be defined in the Component in the first Part, if the Component is an assembly: Constraints Display in Specification tree: These components an automatically created by the application when the Mold Base is defined.

It is possible to define one or several additional bodies to add material when inserting the component e. This filter is automatically computed to select only the screw variants whose size can fit the requirements previously defined: There is no naming rule.

Select the required location s for the Screw s to be inserted.

The negative volumes associated to the shape must be created in a Body named Drill Hole. As know-how rules are applied, a filter proposes only ejector pins with a consistent length value.


Option Keep part Number inactive by default allows to keep the initial Part Number if required only the Instance Name is then modified. Join of the core side of the part including fills of functional cavlty and of PartingSurface CavitySurface: What is a User Component? This task shows you how to position mold components onto a selected mold base. Corf the icon corresponding to the required type of component The definition dialog box of the component is displayed Pick in the 3D viewer the required location for the component Select the required catalog provider if catalog is available: Creating its layout using the Sketcher Defining its shape characteristics Step 1: Additional Information Coolant Channel creation If none of the elements you enter as extremities of the Coolant Channel belongs to the outer planes delimiting the faces of the plate, the application will cata propose a pipe segment reaching one of these planes: Multi-selection is available you can split a list of elements in a single operation.

If the original reference is a Product: Copy of the selected Surface. To modify U,V Origin: Mechanical Industry Press; 2 edition November 1.