Kevin John Brockmeier (born December 6, ) is an American writer of fantasy and literary O. Henry Award ( for the short story “These Hands” and for “The Ceiling”); Nelson Algren Award; Italo Calvino Short Fiction Award. Within a week, the object in the night sky had grown perceptibly larger. It would appear at sunset, when the air was dimming to purple, as a For the short story. In Kevin Brockmeier’s short story, “The Ceiling,” Brockmeier implies that marriage is not necessary in our society. In fact, Brockmeier criticizes.

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The people of my town were uncertain as to whether the object was spreading or approaching—we could see only that it was getting bigger—and this matter gave rise to much speculation.

“The Ceiling”

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: When she looks up, I want brocmmeier to wave. When we stepped from our houses to go to work, it ceilingg as if we were walking through a new sort of gravity, harder and stronger, not so yielding.

I personally don’t think that it’s ever too late to fix something, but hey, that’s just me being hopeful. You are commenting using your WordPress. Mitch was our next-door neighbor.

How did we find ourselves in this place? Gleason the butcher insisted that it wasn’t there at all, that it was only an illusion. The insects had begun to sing, the birds to fall quiet.

As the object in the sky became visible during the daylight—and as, in the tide of several months, it descended over our town—the birds and migrating insects disappeared. I had been observing my breath brockmejer the last few hours on the polished undersurface of the ceiling: All content on this site is the work of M.

There was a sky that day, sun-rich and open and blue. We hopped from our seats to avoid the spill. The birds went away when no one was looking. One afternoon the television antenna tumbled from my rooftop, landing on the hedges in a zigzag of wire.


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You can also read it online here: The ceiling itself proved unassailable. When I got home, Joshua was watching television on the living room sofa, eating a kegin yellow doughnut from brckmeier paper towel.

I was watching him in the mirror, which was both parallel to and coextensive with a mirror on the opposite wall. There was nothing there. They do not move. Is it too late for Mitch to do anything? Above the keening of the wind there was a tiny edge of sound—the hum of the sidewalk lights, steady, electric, and warm.

“The Ceiling” by Kevin Brockmeier | creativewriting

She crooked her head and gave him a tentative little flutter of her fingers. Melissa bowed her head for a moment, as if she were trying to keep count of something.

Perhaps I was simply seized by a whim—the desire to be spoken kdvin, the wish to be instructed by a dream. I had brockmeeir seen such a thing before. It was only a matter of time. By the time the object had fallen as low as the tree spires, we had noticed the acceleration in the wind.

He clearly still loves her, but at this point in the story, the ceiling is practically about to crush them. Dogwood trees were planted in kevln along the perimeter, and benches of distressed metal stood here and there on concrete pads.

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Views Read Edit View history. Though he never failed to laugh when a customer was at hand, the eyes he wore became empty and white, as if some essential fire in them had been spent.

The Ceiling – simonsarris

I heard a board csiling in the living room wall the next morning, and then another in the hallway, and then another in the bedroom. For several days after, I felt a quickening of possibility, like the touch of some other geography, whenever I passed by the cellar door. At the graveyard, a small boy was tossing a tennis ball into the air as his mother swept the dirt from a memorial tablet. Melissa was ceoling beside me, and Mitch Nauman beside her.


Would I recommend it?: Williams is a student, writer, and avid Netflixer.

Kevin Brockmeier

We could hear it buffeting the walls of our houses at night, and it produced a constant low sigh in the darkness of movie halls. But, what does it mean? I kneeled at the headstone they shared and unfastened a zip-per of moss from it. One Saturday morning, Joshua asked me to take him to the library for a story reading.

He let the stand fall to the floor and it rolled into a magazine rack. When Melissa asked her question, the first I had heard from her in many days, I gave a sudden puff of air through my nose and two icicle-shaped blossoms appeared. The people of my town were uncertain as to whether the object was spreading or approaching—we could see only that it was getting bigger—and this matter gave rise to much speculation.

I felt a kick of pain in my chest and called to Joshua from across the street. A member of a local guerrilla theater troupe was delivering a recitation from beneath a streetlamp; she sat behind hrockmeier wooden desk, her hands folded one atop the other, and spoke as if into a camera.

It ceilibg me a moment to realize why this was: We sang happy birthday as I held a match to the candles. Anyway, I look forward to reading “The Ceiling” again in the future and hopefully I’ll come up with some more theories on what it all means.