CESSNA N. Click on picture for larger view. Cessna N Left Side; Cessna N Front; Cessna N Left Side Door; CESSNA I. Click on picture for larger view. Cessna I exterior front; Cessna I float; Cessna I Radio Panel. The Cessna N does not however and there is an area mapped out still looking for the other three (all figures from ” Winnie the Pooh “).

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G-BSZWjust liked the paint scheme. The Irish Air Corps uses the Reims version for aerial surveillance and monitoring of cash, prisoner and explosive escorts, in addition to army cooperation and pilot training poooh. They landed back at McCarran Airfield on February 4,after 64 days, 22 hours, 19 minutes and 5 seconds in flight. The “L” also had a plastic fairing between the dorsal fin and vertical fin to introduce a greater family resemblance to the ‘s vertical fin.

The gross weight was cessa to 2, lb 1, kg. The pilots decided to end the marathon flight because with 1, hours of continuously running the engine during the record-setting flight, plus several hundred hours already on the engine beforehand considerably in excess of its normal overhaul intervalthe engine’s power output had deteriorated to the point at which they were barely able to climb away after cesna.

If you have any photo’s of HGO or other club planes and want to share themmy email address is in the download. Here’s an update on the Tatenhill Aviation aircraft. So far the biggest problem ie complaint is placing the registration as the mapped area is smaller than shown on the templatethe fuselage being one-sidedmeans no text or logo”s on the door which occurs more often than you thinkand no provision to place the underwing registration.


This model year introduced many improvements, including a new interior with soundproofing, an all new multi-level ventilation system, a standard four point intercom, contoured, energy absorbing, 26g front seats with vertical and reclining adjustments and inertia reel harnesses.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Among other changes, the fuel and other small gauges are relocated to the left side for improved pilot readability compared with the earlier panel designs. Of these I am still looking for the other three all figures from ” Winnie the Pooh “.

Cessna 172

The Cutlass featured a variable-pitch, constant-speed propeller and a more powerful Lycoming OF1A6 engine of horsepower kW. The K had a redesigned ppooh cap and reshaped rear windows. She’s the first aircraft I did my PPL course in!

17n Q was introduced in and given the name Cutlass to create an affiliation with the RG, although it was actually a P with a Lycoming OA4N engine of horsepower kW. The only plus that I have foundis that the tailfin is drawn twiceso you can place text or logo’s here. Retrieved 1 August By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


CESSNA I | Thabet Aeroplus

The Cessna Skyhawk is an American four-seat, single-engine, high wing, fixed-wing aircraft made by the Cessna Aircraft Company. As promised a couple of screensthis time for the CN. A Champion wind-driven generator turned by a small propeller was hoisted aboard, taped to the wing support strut, and plugged into the cigarette lighter socket; it served as the aircraft’s source of electricity for the rest of the flight.


Model introduced in July for customer deliveries, powered by a hp kW Continental CD diesel engine installed by the factory under a supplemental type certificate. We reset this goal every new year for the following year’s goal. A total of 1, Fs were completed.

A total of Hs were built. Total production of “M” models was over the four years it was manufactured. Retrieved 1 December The model brought a volt electrical system to replace the previous volt system.

The drivers steered while a second person matched speeds with the aircraft with his foot on the vehicle’s accelerator pedal.

Cessna introduced a retractable landing gear version of the in and named it the Cutlass RG. Cessna delivered the first production model in and as ofpoou company and its partners had built more than 44, Retrieved 12 September Cessna advertised this added rear visibility as “Omni-Vision. Retrieved December 12, Between and RGs were built, with a small number following before cesssna ceased in The “N” remained in production until when the P or Skyhawk P was introduced. The next model year was the “K” model.

Retrieved 11 May