CIMAH Regulations CIMAH regulations apply to all industrial activities except: A nuclear installation. – An installation under armed forces. – A vehicle or . Occupational Safety and Health (Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazards) Regulations Popular. Published on 23 April Modified on 25 August. Name: Occupational Safety And Health (Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazards) Regulations [P.U.(A) 39/96]. Country: Malaysia. Subject(s).

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Information relating to the system of management system for controlling the industrial activity, namely — – the staffing arrangements for controlling the industrial activity with the name of the person responsible for safety on the site and the names of the persons who are authorised to set emergency procedures in motion and to inform outside authorities; – the arrangements made to ensure that the means provided for the safe operation of the industrial activity are properly designed, constructed, tested, operated, inspected and maintained; and – the arrangements for training persons working on the site; and.

This shall include advice to co-operate with any instruction or request from the emergency services at the time of a major accident. Came in force 1st February Confirmation that the manufacturer is required to make adequate arrangements on site, including liaison with the emergency services, to deal with accidents and to minimise their effects. Notification of Major Accidents Where a major accident occurs on a site, the manufacturer shall notify the nearest occupational safety and health office of the accident quickly shall provide: A map of the site and its surrounding area to a scale large enough to show any feature that may be significant in the assessment of the hazard or risk associated with the site A scale plan of the site showing the locations and quantities of all significant inventories of the hazardous substance A description of the processes or storage involving the hazardous substance and an indication of the conditions under which it is normally held The maximum number of persons likely to be present on site Information about the nature of the land use and the size and distribution of the population in the vicinity of the industrial activity to which the report relates Information on the nearest emergency services fire station, hospital, police station, community hall etc.


When a major accident occurs, the manufacturer shall immediately notify the local DOSH office. Testimony of an American Pastor! The manufacturer shall ensure that the information supplied is updated and re-supplied at appropriate intervals. The manufacturer shall be entitled to take urgent and remedial action with respect to an industrial activity in order to put an end to or prevent imminent danger to life or property.

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Schedule 2 Crimidine kilograms Cyanthoate kilograms Cycloheximide kilograms Demeton kilograms Dialifos kilograms Diethyl S-ethylsulphinylmethyl phosphorothioate kilograms Diethyl S-ethylsulphonylmethyl phosphorothioate kilograms Diethyl S-ethylthiomethyl phosphorothioate kilograms Diethyl S-isopropylthiomethyl phosphorothioate kilograms Diethyl S-propylthiomethyl phosphorothioate kilograms Dimefox kilograms Dimethylcarbamoyl chloride 1 kg.

Notification of Major Accidents. Where there is more than one category specified in the same entry, the quantities of all substances and preparations of the specified categories in that entry shall be summed up. Major Hazard Installation This part shall apply to: Share buttons are a little bit lower.

Cimmah employee who commits an offence against any of the provisions of these Regulations reyulations which no corresponding penalty is provided by the Act shall, on conviction, be liable cmiah a fine not exceeding RM1, or to an imprisonment of not more than three months or to both. Every manufacturer shall submit notification of Industrial Activity Form for existing installation. Installations for the bottling of flammable and toxic substances defined under paragraphs ab and c of Schedule 1, for example, light petroleum gas, ammonia, chlorine and acetylene.

For the purpose of this schedule: Quantity of Hazardous Substances at the Installation.

Control of Industrial Major Hazard (CIMAH) Regulations 1996

The quantities of different substances and preparations of the same category are cumulative. Installations for the production of metals or non-metals by a wet process or by means of electrical energy.


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PPT – CIMAH Regulations PowerPoint Presentation – ID

On-site Emergency Plan Required to submit an on-site and off-site emergency plan The manufacturer shall prepare and keep an up-to-date and adequate on-site emergency rgulations and include the name of cimab person who is responsible for safety and the names of those who are authorized to take action in the event of an emergency.

Major Accident – an occurrence including a major emission, fire or explosion resulting from uncontrolled development in the course of an industrial activity, which leads to serious danger to persons, whether immediate or delayed, inside or outside an installation, or to the environment, and involving one or more hazardous substance. An explanation in simple terms of the activity undertaken on the site. Particulars of Manufacturer making the notification 1 Name: Auth with social network: The authority may request additional information or whatever required to demonstrate that installation is safe operation.

Identification by regulatiobs held of person giving the information. Installations for the production of metals or non-metals by a wet process or by means of electrical energy.

Email Presentation to Friend. Penalty for employee of non-compliance is a fine up to Regualtions or jail term of not more than 3 months or both. Ethylene oxide 5 tonnes. I, the undersigned, hereby give notices of the industrial activity concerned particulars of which are as given below:. Particulars of Installation B.

Where an industrial activity has fegulations determined as a major hazard installation, the manufacturer shall send a copy of the report within twelve months of the date of the determination.