Competencias, Indicadores de Logros, Contenidos. Interpersonal communication . 1. Generates conversations to exchange specific information. Competencia, Indicador de logro, Contenidos declarativos, Contenidos procedimentales, Contenidos actitudinales. 1. Engages in. CNB Nivel Diversificado ¿Qué es nivel Diversificado? 1. Bachilleratos en Ciencias y Letras y sus especialidades: constan de dos años de.

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Understanding of oral and written common questions. Inviting native or advanced speakers to share information in panels, forums, and other activities. Giving information about own country.

Speaking about leisure activities and personal interests. Interacting with people of other cultures regarding customs and lifestyles. Este manual incluye actividades y ejercicios para que los maestros y alumnos de la escuela primaria tengan un auxiliar de trabajo para practicar los idiomas mayas, tanto dentro como fuera del aula y en forma oral o escrita.

Este manual busca contribuir y desarrollar el compromiso voluntario con el desarrollo de la lectoescritura de las familias en la comunidad. Interprets literal and figurative meaning of words and metaphors in oral presentations and written texts. Identifies and uses linguistic elements of English that do not translate literally and compares them to their Spanish equivalents. Indicadores de Logros Contenidos Interpersonal communication 1.

Uses the cultural contributions of other people to enrich their own culture. Being polite while expressing ideas.


Students realize that learning a foreign language could be easy if they engage in meaningful activities that require its use and its components. Making inferences from simple oral or written passages. Produces oral or written texts based in previous authors or scientific readings with proper vocabulary and grammar structures. Making invitations and offering suggestions to solve scientific problems. Presents information, concepts, feelings and ideas to an audience of listeners or readers.

Reading different texts contadog get reliable information. Recognizing similarities and differences in the ways languages are written. Writing with fe spelling.

Discussing likes and dislikes in patterns of behavior of target cultures. Organizing words into semantic fields when talking about general topics 1. Throughout each task, learning English should be fun, so students may get an authentic, contextualized and ccnb learning process. Applying new vocabulary in oral and written communication.

Improves his ability to engage with other culture and develops effectively. Makes appropriate use of language for informative and communicative purposes. Avoiding use of loan words, barbarisms and wrong uses for words and phrases in eprito and written texts. Identification of values, positive and negative attitudes in characters of literary texts.

Introducing new technical vocabulary to daily school speech.

Subárea de Comunicación y Lenguaje L3 (Inglés) – Cuarto Grado – CNB

Apologizing properly by choosing the right phrases. Skimming articles for general meaning. Recognizing and using gestures, manners, behaviors, greetings, and idiomatic expressions.


Makes daily journal entries in short writings. Arguing about scientific topics orally and ej. Nuestros juguetes, juegos, cng y cantos infantiles.

Understanding meaning of idioms and slangs in advertisements and songs. Expresses actions in different tenses. Reviewing parts of speech: Creating imaginative meetings and forums related to international and national interesting topics including scientific topics.

Manual del gobierno escolar. English is the key to access a globalized world in the 21st century characterized by technological and communication advances.

CNB DIVERSIFICADO by Julio César on Prezi

Serie Aprender del Xe – Graduandos. In addition, English speakers have a powerful key to access labor markets, to obtain a better academic preparation to face technological and global challenges.

Reviewing different sounds and pronunciation: Sharing gestures to communicate ideas and proposals. Telling popular tales and legends.

Xwaq raqal (Expresión dinámica)

Numbers toGiving or thanking a compliment following the right structure model of spoken language. Interpreting analogies and comparisons.

Applying technology to task. Indicadores de Logros Contenidos Interpersonal communication 1.