Cnemidocoptes gallinae, the depluming mite, the itch mite: worldwide. Cnemidocoptes mutans, the scaly leg mite: worldwide. Epidermoptes. 2,3 (also known as Knemidokoptes and Cnemidocoptes) is a genus in the pilae, Knemidocoptes jamaicensis, and Knemidocoptes mutans. The scaly-leg mite of poultry has been studied under various names. The principal ones are: Sarcopies mutans by Robin and Lanquetin (); Sarcoptes.

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Northern Fowl Mite is passed from hen to hen, not as often carried by wild birds as red mite, and the most frequently exhibited birds are at the greatest risk. Workers and visitors of poultry houses can also carry mites on cloths and footwear.

Moreover, in most countries macrocyclic lactones are no approved for use on poultry. The entire life cycle takes place on a single host and takes between 14 and 21 days to complete.

Sarcopies mutans by Robin and Lanquetin ; Sarcoptes cnemidocopges by Delafond and Bourguignon ; Sarcoptes changeant by Reynal and Lanquetin ; Knemidocoptes viviparous by Fiirstenburg ; Dermatoryctes mutans by Ehlers ; Cnemidlcoptes mutans by Canestrini Infested birds have dirty looking patches on them and are depressed, cockerels tend to be more affected, but it is always worth checking the hens as well.

Most users should sign in with their email address. Each blood meal lasts for 1 to 2 hours.

The gapeworm lives in the trachea of a bird and when eggs are laid, they are coughed up and excreted to infect the next chicken. There are also reports on northern fowl mite populations resistant to acaricides. If hens are wormed regularly, then the incidence of blackhead is reduced.


Heavily grazed or stocked areas should be rotated to avoid a cnemdocoptes up of internal parasites.

You must accept the terms and conditions. If there are many of them they can impact, and this is fatal.

For the control of scaly leg mites the legs can also be treated with Vaseline, or dipped twice in mineral oil, kerosene, linseed oil or any of the previously mentioned parasiticides. Huge mite populations can build-up in a few weeks. It occurs worldwide in regions with temperate climate. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. Vigilance is the only answer. Hatched larvae do not feed and molt to nymphs 1 to 2 days later.

They will take a meal off you, lacking any other source, and then turn their characteristic red again. Also known as roundworms, these live in the small intestine. It can be found anywhere cnemidocopres the body but under the tail is the most common place infected. This also has its entire life cycle on the bird and is host specific i.

Cnemidocoptes mutans | definition of Cnemidocoptes mutans by Medical dictionary

Anemic birds may show paleness of wattle and comb. Control of Flies Biol. Synthetic permethrin products which are licensed for red mite and to be sprayed on the birds: It is an obligate bloodsucking parasitei.

Not all infections of Knemidocoptes mite result in clinical signs, some may lay dormant for until the animal cnemidocopets stressed or is otherwise immunocompromised. Adult mites are 0.

Cnemidocoptes mutans the scaly leg mite | (photo credit: ILR… | Flickr

To treat the hut organically, blowlamp carefully into crevices. There are so far no biological control means for controlling poultry mites or any other mites of livestock and pets. In this case another product should be tried, ensuring that it has a different mode of action than the one that failed.


They have a stumpy legged appearance as their coxa are sunk into the body and a U-shaped chitinous bar found behind the head. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic.

Unlike red fowl mites that visit their hosts only cnemidocoptees feeding, northern fowl mites spend their whole life on the host. Mating occurs on the host, a mature male will leave its moulting pocket and seek a female either on the skin or in a moulting pocket.

Part 4 – External and Internal Parasites of Chickens

Learn more about parasite resistance and how it develops. The northern fowl mite is also an obligate bloodsucking parasite. And individual birds may support several thousand mites without major harm. Histomonas is a protozoa single-celled, free-living organism affecting the liver in turkeys, pheasants, quail, peacocks and guinea fowl manifesting with bright yellow diarrhoea; the disease is also known as blackhead.

However they are not sufficient to eliminate them. Regular use prophylactic of a licensed product should dnemidocoptes the situation where a bird is so infected with helminths that either impaction results, or when a large burden of worms is killed, the toxins they release kill the bird.