Welcome to the new version: Cobian Backup 11, Gravity; AES encryption (, to” error; A brand new, improved help file and tutorial; And MUCH more. You can run Cobian Backup as either an application or a Windows service. In this tutorial we will examine installing the program as a service. The following tutorial is provided as just one of many possible methods, using just one possible Cobian Backup is a versatile freeware backup program, and is.

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If not, why not? Retrieved from ” https: Why the logs are getting bigger? It works great in my system. I don’t have ANY plans to make a Recovery function. To restore a cobixn it is as simple as opening your backup folder in Windows Explorer, selecting the backup that you wish to restore from, and copying the file out of the folder.

Cobian Backup – What’s new

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. And when Windows shuts down? Moreover, Cobian Backup ttutorial a Tutorial file location on your computer may be different that takes you through the entire installation and setup process.

Some extensions have been added to handle Unicode file names, large files zip 64etc.

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You can set the service to run interactively with the desktop, but this is not recommended this service was not designed with this in mind. The program compresses and encrypts twice. Until you become more familiar with the program we suggest you select the Incremental backup type setting.

It sounds like in your case t would really be worth investing in a professional paid backup software. Views Read Edit View history. It is moot, in any event, because you can NOT un-check that box and still do any kind of partial backup. I don’t bother with incremental backups because I’ve had problems with them in the past over many years, with different backup systems.


Of course, on your home computer, you may well WANT to back this up, especially if you have paid to download music!

Cobian Backup – FAQ

While I can understand your issue with a backup program being used for both backups and restores, I think having restores as simple as Cobian’s is actual beneficial. If you have a big file there, and the log looks good, you can test it by looking inside it right-click and Open to see if it looks okay.

All these comments are old, old, old. If two tasks are scheduled to start at the same time, then the first one on the list will be executed, and when it ends, then the second one will start. Finally, a lot of additional information, tutoriak example backup theory, is available in the Help file. Q- I want to make an incremental or differential backup but the program keeps making full backups. I want to translate the program into my language Q: You can also change the logon options in the same place.

Using something they are already familiar with to restore using a file manager bacup makes it easy. I have enough free space on the destination drive. Q – My service cannot access my mapped drive Z:. If you would like to learn more about Secure FTP Home Server setup and backups, you should ask a question on MakeUseOf Answers and let tuotrial people there point you in the right direction.

It’s likely that the cobiam restored files, and empty renamed folders, will be far down in the directory structure, and might easily not be noticed until you go hunting for something much later!

Cobian Backup

Click tuorial the OK turorial to start the job. Options-Interface-Show sizes Q- When I want to install the program, I get an error that says that the files could not be unzipped or that the resource file could not be extracted. This version has dropped the special command line utility from older versions. But any solution would require more overhead, either at backup time to scan the source for that particular task and compare to the latest incremental backup already in existence at the destinationor full-time to maintain an internal table with this information.


This is by design because the program cannot be sure that other tasks ara backkp using the same destination. Quite annoying if you do lots of work and have various versions of files, but get rid of most of them at the end of a development project. Let’s face it, the Bsckup is not a very safe place.

Q- Is there any limit for the size of the file for strong encryption? The cause of this error could be that there is some problems with permissions or that there are some programs like Daemon Tools creating some virtual drives that can confuse the VSS system. This can happen if the password of the account that is running the service has changed. Users can create multiple backup tasks for different purposes, backups can be scheduled individually, back files up to multiple different locations, compress or encrypt backups, and more.

NEVER ask me to add this.

Lionel, To be honest, I have never worried about whether or not backup tools are fast. Unfortunately not all archivers support them or they support them partially.

I would consider that a benefit, not a drag. Sometimes the program fails to change the attribute and the file will be copied again next time even if it is not necessary. A feature allows you now you execute individual tasks under different user accounts.